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Can anyone suggest an alternative outerwear?

You look like a literal rectangle.

>making another thread when the other one has another 100+ posts till it dies to repost your outfit


why even post this


why do you have fake shoes

Raf veclros



Are your shoes fake too? Those laces are not Rick

oddly it looks good just a dat bit weird with the extra blue shirt, i think it would look immensely better without the blue shirt and change the shoes to black. Not that there is anything to wrong with the color combination its just it doesn't work with this particular outfit.

nope, looks like shit.


this screams hypebeast

yea fair. obviously having vetements just throws you into that style. the reason i like this is because my struggle with the geos and clp pant pair is that its always really bottom heavy and having a massive hoodie makes it all look really even (imo) but yea... pretty hypebeast

sorry bro, didn't mean to be over critical of your fit i just have to be honest.

haha don't worry about it. damn i'm used to feedback like this so you're very much in line and i agree with you


is that a bathing suit?


Thrifted this wool jacket/hoodie thing but not sure what to wear with it, thoughts?

Nice summer fit but would look better with a white shirt IMO

I like it but not a fan of the boots personally. The jewelry is a nice touch

Stop posting this pic

The big red letters are atrocious, but other than that your fit looks pretty good

Nice but could do with some contrast, all black is boring

I thought the other thread was dead


your shoes' colours don't match the outfit
the plaid is disgusting
biker jackets aren't for twinks
and take off those rings

you'e trying too hard at being edgy

Looks good

>talk shit post fit fat cuck

Its not my problem you're not confident about your body enough to wear rings

>biker jackets aren't for twinks

okay tell that to hedi slimane. Sorry we can't be as M A S C U L I N E and afraid of looking the least bit "girly". I know it hurts your masculinity to see someone small wearing something MASCULINE. Fuck off dude


this is so fucking bad stop making me look at it please

Whats bad about it

You're about 3 years late to the trend.

And? I still like it

it is me again

>And? I still like it

yeah but it doesn't like you

What should I wear oh great clothing master. Please tell me your secrets on what would good on my body



might look cleaner zipped up to neck?

Anything that's not this

pls no bully

my hair is in the awkward stage of growing out sorry

nice fit

trying again .-.

does she even lift?

i have to see her legs shape


properly please? Like standing up in front of the mirror

Threadly reminder. Do not respond to him.

dont listen to this troll

Well at least make a fit. This is just /lazybasicbitch/

Did you steal those arms

It works but kind of boring imo

Not bad but I think black shoes would look nicer. I like the shirt

Dope fit, nice colors. I wouldn't tie the laces around the shoe though, makes it look weird

thanks! I like yours too - the pants are v nice and work well with the top. love the turtleneck. I would do all black laces on the shoes though

Carhartt hip bag

Nice shop you fucking loser.

hello it is i

not a shop

calm the fuck down thx

v cute. Good cuffs


pass that fleece to someone who can actually dress

Jeans fit you nicely. Dislike the rest.

W2C button up like that

can't say that I like it
blue denim with fast fashion olive field jackets are pretty basic bitch

safe but nice. cool shoes

please enlighten me

ombre shirt could do with some tailoring, I think

I'd prefer the chelseas to be a bit darker/more worn in. It's nice otherwise, though.
c h i l l

a suicide vest

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time stamp

you look like a faggot

Stop pretending to be me you fucking loser. You've been doing this for over a year now, cut it out.

I made a video saying I'm the real me, it's only around twenty seconds so please give it a watch if you're someone reading this. Thank you.


i really like this

40lbs upright row
5'11/around 120 coming from 115
that ain't no good

its too matchy. ditch the undershirt. wear white sneakers instead

Fixed the pic


way to ruin perfectly good skin and shitty jeans

>120 lbs
shirtless pic now

Rate my trendy outfit my dudes

didnt the dude with the trip have a nervous breakdown and said he would stop being you? fucking pathetic kek

fuck off back to krautchan

I like it

Yes. And he told me that he would stop and gave me the trip passcode and told me he was jealous of me. I didn't save the trip password because I trusted that he'd stop.

I wouldn't care if it was just someone occasionally posting my pics but this is full blown. He also acts like a jerk and I'm scared that one day I'll be pulled aside on the streets with someone saying I said something mean to them on Veeky Forums.

heres your (You) you wanted faggot

I could land a plane on your forehead lmao


2nd fit looks good but would look better with the shirt from the 1st fit. Not a fan of the pants and shoes on the 1st fit

nice except for the torn jeans, I don't understand why you would wear clothes with holes in them

thanks for the advice, I'm planning on buying some white sneakers soon.


nice meme, dude!

Oh good for you. You're able to impersonate a teenage girl. Great use of your time. Anyone can get 500 followers when pretending to be a girl online.


it's basically been fall weather here

looks cool, but your ankles looks sorta swollen. What's your choice of footwear?

Weather finally cooling the fuck down

Very nice, i like the pale colors and the loose and long silhouette.
Right looks clean
Feel like there isn't very good harmony between the lighter and darker tones in this one. Still one of the better posters
nice fit and good work on the color scheme! I might try a different shirt and would consider not tucking it. You're jacket is pretty good, but i'd love to see this fit with an m65 field jacket.
Cool. I would consider not wearing the jacket and keeping the white sneakers or wearing the jacket and black sneakers/derbies. I dig the color of those pants desu

creating your own fucking thread so early just so you can shill your shitty outfit. you're so blatantly insecure covering your face and going to all this effort for a photo its sad.
holy shit do you have little midget feet LMAO
christ alive what can i say
making me waste time opening up your stupidly big file size just so i can see you dress like some retarded middle school shit skin
all black really fucking incredible woopydeewoo give yourself a pat on the back lad
holy shit those boots LMAO
nice job getting a girl in your pic bro you're so alpha
careful shame if you were to trip over the edge there
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where those titties at though? you stand and look like some sort of chinese sex doll
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this looks silly. show boobs?

this area looks nice i could sit there and stare all day but i don't like the sun or the outdoors so i settle for nature.jpg's

didn't know Mac drowsed Veeky Forums

what you guys think of my new fit

Don't insult Mac like that

omg hai cici is that the real you? :D
btw the dude always impersonates you without a trip, he also likes to pretend to be some ember girl as well as numerous other girls he's saved online

lol yeah he's said a lot of weird shit under your name and dissed a lot of people

hope you are able to stop his shit

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