Daily reminder that the EQT line is the best thing adidas has to offer

daily reminder that the EQT line is the best thing adidas has to offer

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Tubular Shadows ftw fuck EQT

I'm more of a yeezy man myself :) bought these on eBay for only $400


Finally they have one that doesn't have a glitch pattern on the primeknit. Which model is this?

you got ultra finessed boy

for $400 those are awful fakes

they're the 93/17 bait collab

>reverse image search
>0 results
please be real... please be real....

Jesus Christ get off this board right now

> wearing the wrong socks
Die normie REEEEE

is the custom eqt mystery green the same as the old sub green color? Missed out on those

such a beautiful shoe

These are okay, but the fuse on the lacing system looks shite.
It's almost like the tubular doom sock with an eqt support future sole

These are so nice, best EQT in a while
I'd like to have this exact upper combined with the ultra boost sole, like on the 93/16's

Damn, must be a sample pair!

get some taste my dudes

Awful bait

man everyone on Veeky Forums thinks these are dope, they look like shit and you look retarded wearing this with any other clothing that isnt sportswear.

this is Veeky Forums where rick shoes works mostly with rick and lunarcore boots work with certain styles. get over it

Those are awful fakes my guy



The sub green/black and black/white ones look better

saw Danny brown wearing that and it looked really good
if you are white though

is this bait?

w2c eqt adv for cheap?

bugs...easy on the carrots

Get real taste

Fuck off I wear what I think is stylish



Going to the EQT show in detroit tonight. Danny Brown is performing.

Don't listen to all these haters saying these are fufu.
I own the same pair and the guy that sold them to me told me they are this way because it's a special friend and family edition.

bland & synthetic-looking

You're the only right user in the thread. They were $15 shipped from Ebay. They feel like fucking shit too, Gave them to goodwill

>tfw you will never own these beauties

fuck im jealous

Anyone else hype for the Danny Brown EQTs?

Why not?

Why are you wearing children's shoes?

>mom i have 12 yrs old knock before comming to the room. ... . -_-



i know this is a meme, but to me whenever i look at yeezys they just look so fucking weird to me. like i dunno, a slipper or something lie that

so ugly

Im high and this a trippy way to read sentences

They are not even that comfy...

looking glorious my man