What are some good mens fashion channels?

What are some good mens fashion channels?

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Not the failed model.
Not the lesbians.
Not the black Englishman.
Not the the yuro wannabe tv show.
Not the pretentious fashion panel.

If you are so desperate go check the archive, go to (re)ddit, lurk more, or leave.

TheNeedleDrop is where I recommend most people to.

simply_kenna if you a gay asexual romantic retarded female

Natchia Oceanne, or whatever the fuck her name is, and that one viner that hates other viners.

That guy that says "cuff the jeans, cuff the bitches" used to be good until he went full reddit meme tier

>inb4 Alpha M.


I don't understand how only one of these guys is gay.

t h i s

FF Channel
and The Fashion Channel Network's channels


Cleanestapparel has some good DIYs.

DESU that's all you should use fashion channels for.

Follow the good DIYs, ignore the shit ones and the useless haul videos, which are the unboxing videos for fashion.

FrugalAesthetic. He's almost kind of ok when he's serious, but not exactly

>youtube url literally ends with "fag"

IDK the failed model is pretty funny to me and pretty experimental for a normie

Only acceptable answer

Magnus Ronning

I want to cop a bloom shirt

whats up with his website?

that dude is a complete dipshit
p cool although his friends he has on sometimes are a bit more fashionable
the average Veeky Forums user

Hello My Name Is Brad Hall

banging wiv shorts

I like em


Who are these meant to be? Can someone explain this to someone who is a bit slow?

Magnus Ronning and Jacob Wallace for me for the most part.

Verdugo Vibes is pretty decent. Fits are sometimes questionable or lack diversity, but hes a cool dude thats always entertaining to watch. He also doesn't go overboard with attempts to be *aesthetic* like some of these other channels.

Millennial Woes.

m a g n u s
r o n n i n g

>Not the failed model.
Magnus Ronning
>Not the lesbians.
Also possibly Magnus, might be geared toward gear
>Not the black Englishman.
SANGIEV or sum shit
>Not the the yuro wannabe tv show.
i dont understand, are we making fun of richie?
>Not the pretentious fashion panel.

I agree, the best

Magnus the kind of guy to drink a Strawberry Daiquiri while wearing Yeezy Boost 350 V2s in the Cream colorway

GearedTowardGear is pretty good
i swear he and his gf are high all the time

>Not the failed model.
>Not the lesbians.
aren't these the same person

Gentlemen's gazette is pretty good. He stays a lot more objective than RMRS and alpha m. He's done a lot of research and has a good timeless style sense, while not eschewing trends. He doesn't do streetwear/edgy-core fa clothes but his videos are informative and teach a lot about the history of clothing and general rules in regards to color and fit.

ya james and enzo are great

lesbians are common apparel

This is Antwon
Fashion Forward Always

yuro wannabe tv show
the paq on kyra tv

An actual good post? This should be pasted on every youtube thread.

Geard toward gear is good but I think his older vids are better in one of his recent vids it looks like he's wearing a potato sack

Nibba gearedtowardsgear is the only dude that hasnt fallen off and has ascended

I like em thicc