Cop or no?

Cop or no?
Any general opinion of Champion sneakers?

Looks like the type of basketball shoe you'd find at a payless or walmart so it's probably not very good for actual basketball but it looks pretty good to me desu

What are these nikes?

Never cop. Just buy Jordans. Hell, even under armour shoes are better than this.

Why? They look pretty cool and are extremely cheap. Are they not well made?

i was happier not knowing these things existed


Why not be a man and buy some actual sho-


Again, what's so bad about these shoes compared to Adidas or Nike?

If you actually play ball invest in some nicer shoes. These are literally payless tier and their quality will be subpar. Even in the pic you showed you can see the glue everywhere

Looks like a no name budget chinese Jordans, also terrible colorway. I wouldn't cop them even if you plan on using them strictly for basketball, let alone wearing them casually.

Ah. I guess the first red flag would be the fact that they only sell them on Payless and not Champions' official website.

Champion clothing just recently started being cool (you look like a complete hypebeast for wearing them since Walmart used to sell them for half the price), but their sneakers are far from being cool.

>are extremely cheap

Yeah, they look like it. These are middle school gym class tier. As a general rule of thumb, don't buy sneakers from a company that isn't known for sneakers.

The round ones don't look that great on me but these look pretty good


Thoughts lads?

I haven't posted here in literally years. Is Birthday etc. still around?

Not the best CP but would get these for 60€

ded thred

found this at the mall for like 80 euros, even cheaper than regular stans fug shouldve copped them

Champion makes shoes?

I had a grey of those