Young Stalin is down. Can we get a charts thread?



Why get chinos when you can get corduroy? Chinos scream 'i just learned how to dress from r/mfa'



This one's ok


Not so shit

Sub humanum



my dad's a lawyer-core!





first good one. sick mayng

great infographic and meme shit
you did good user


Its not about wearing only shirts and chinos, just the color combinations.

Post female charts for hajabi friendly clothing.

>Canvas tees
How does the fabric hold up?

B-but i did :'(


Personally I think leather jackets only look good unzipped. Thank you for reading my opinion.

When is tuxbell going to get updated

Whenver anyone wants, it's public made.

It's still down though.

Youngstalin is down but tuxbell is up.

ITT: charts showing how to look boring as fuck

Posting a basic prep guide, not sure why the truncated version is posted more than this.

>Every antagonist from 80s college movies core

>if you wear a tie and pocket square, make sure they are the same color