Rick just dropped this pure sneakerkino, why don't you have a pair yet?

Rick just dropped this pure sneakerkino, why don't you have a pair yet?


kill you'reself

Get this hothead outta here

They look dumb and boring as fuck, almost as stupid and tedious as Alex Wang's shit.

>"And holy shit there rick, but it kinda seems like you're obsessed with converse style sneakers ya think?"

I like Mastodons even though I'd probably never cop or wear them myself.
The absence of the 3 stripes makes them look a bit more "premium" in a way. Really clean

These are fucking garbage compared to the first mastodons

i hate the toebox.
hate it on superstars, hate it on these

This, what the fuck Rick.

...and sleek. Fresh.

Couldn't help but to read in Morty's voice

why does this autist make the most ugly looking shoes and then spastics actually like it? Here i can make the shoe 1 million times better with just a few slight adjustments

>reduce heel size, manlets should not fashion
>remove converse toe cap

bam you have an actual good looking shoe

They look like generic no name brand H&M "sneakers", absolutely terrible. And the toebox only enhances that walmart look.
Also "kino" doesn’t just mean "good" you filthy casual tourist crossposter, stop embarassing yourself.

so basically you dont like Rick...

you can just buy anything else then pleb

this, but expect that dumb faggot ASAP Rocky to wear these

Looks shitty desu. Original mastopros are so much better.

How do they fit? True to size?

>remove converse toe cap
have you hear of superstars, retard?

Yeah tts


>converse style
>styled after adidas pros

>reduce heel size
>in flat sneakers
do you have fucking talons for feet?

Which took design que's from Chuck Taylor's..
Literally a shoe based off of a shoe, based off of a shoe.

maybe in 20 years we will get a tricky ricky roshe

i kinda agree desu, the thing that sold me on them in the first place was the weird dinosaur texture of the leather. those new vans sk8 hi rick-offs are p cool tho, guess theyre like a hightop geothrasher? hadnt seen them until i went into the tokyo store the other day

because i can get better looking sneakers for a lot less

>just dropped
They've been around for a while now


Con did a nice job too

>wearing sneakers
>being over 18

those are ugly as shit tho
and they are rubber, not really suitable for every day use because they are uncomfortable as all fuck with extensive wear

I still don't have the GOAT Rick shoe


I already have the superior version