Accidentally got bleach on my pants at work

Accidentally got bleach on my pants at work
How fucking effay am I right now

Heh thats pretty cool.

is that you sterling ruby?



Don't let anyone tell you a nexus 5 has a good camera

would cop

You're loving this aren't you.

i dig it, it's seriously a good DIY option

Low Life fag lmao

>works a menial job
>tries to dress like he isn't a peasant laborer

embarrassing thread

>sits at a desk all day
>tries to dress like he's cool

t. guy who hates his job

>he thinks that being rich = style
what a fucking loser

I like it, gives me space vibes

no idea what you flyover weenies are even doing on this board

im from new york

im from LA

work is work and people are people

That you?

im from Montreal

stop being such a prick

Haha yea. I even work graveyard. Lowest of the low

Nah my pants actually fit

Small world. If you see me around don't holler

Are you a dock worker?

I'm not gonna lie and say there's anything glamorous about blue-collar work. But when people are forced to deal with the hard fact that they'll be doing the same mindless work to earn a living, the same routine, every day, for the rest of their days, they get impressively resilient. To deal with the disillusion, some find catharsis in petty bitching; some are incredibly positive and know how to leave their problems at the door. Everyone is thoroughly grounded.
Some of the best people I've ever met and worked with have been blue-collar. Living in that world changes your perspective. You aren't better than them.

Not quite. Distribution center

sauce on those comfy boots OP

Terra whatever the fucks
Real good boots. You can try your luck on rakuten