Not getting Veeky Forums and being healthy before going Veeky Forums

>not getting Veeky Forums and being healthy before going Veeky Forums


>Cut eating habits to minimal levels
>Get skinny
>End up saving money
>Cop nice shit with saved money

Win win

>look terrible and frail

yeah, nah. that's a lose lose.

>Implying no working out
Veeky Forums mentality


>working out
>not eating


>Not eating cheap nutrient rich food exclusively to effectively cut and meet macros


Rice and beans.
Cottage cheese and oats.
Canned sardines/tuna.
Eggs, eggs and some more eggs. A lot of eggs.

As for meat, try to be on the lookout when it's on sale and buy in bulk and freeze. If they are not on sale buy cheaper meat like chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, ground turkey instead of ground beef etc.
As for veggies, buy whatever is in season because it's the cheapest and most fresh. Most basic cooking skills needed really, even if you are a complete beginner you will learn everything you need in a week tops.

You can do it user, be the best version of yourself possible.

>Loser who is seriously on loser Boards like fit and fa acts like he has a good body and is fashionable

t. insecure fatass

I already are

Actual fit person you s u b h u m a n

what does "going Veeky Forums" even mean?

dressing like a Veeky Forumsscist

again, what does that even mean...

white polos and khakis or some shit?

lurk moar

I feel bad for Veeky Forumst people

I've been here for years, do you not have a clear answer?

>not being natural Veeky Forums and healthy

Must be so hard being American

It's complicated