Effay drugs

Is meth an effay drug? I personally think it is but people tell me its a hobo drug and it gives me negative effay points. What are some effay drugs?

>effay drugs

come on, how do you think your thinspo achieves their look

It's a warrior drug

meth is certainly not effay. effay drugs are cocaine, heroin and sometimes weed if you dont talk about it

smoke weed all day and soon enough you will be thinspo tier skinnyfat loser

but why when i use meth all day and look like thinspo with zero effort?

pic related

Meth makes you look like you take meth. Get the fuck out of here and get serious help.

Drug usage is uneffay

do i look like i take meth buddy

it's so easy to be thinspo. Just eat less. Do you know how much food 1200 calories is? And you can STILL lose weight eating that much as long as either your BMR / TDEE isn't that low or you exercise just a lil bit. The faster you want to lose weight the less you eat plain and simple. Dont do fucking meth to lose weight its moronic.

its easier to just do the drugs in my experience

Ritalin works great too though

Who is this prostitute?

I started with adderall but meth is much cheaper and does the same thing. You only need tiny doses.

its your girl

meth is super fashion

if your reason for doing something is that it's cheaper, it probably isn't effay. only effay drugs are heroin, cocaine, and psychadelics

Ritalin really isn't expensive, just get it from the pharmacy.

the street pharmacy ;)

the only reason you would do heroin is because the oxy is getting too expensive lol

Are you an underage SoundCloud rapper? If not then please kys

Just don't eat like a pig and you can easily be like that


Is that meth in the related pic? I'm a sheltered boy I can't eyeball some of these drugs

yeah those are the magic thinspo rocks

doing drugs can look fashionable
>pic related some fashionable drug clothing

Is modafinil an effay drug?

Not really, its a nootropic, its not gonna make you look like a spooky skeleton and you wont be getting any sick track marks because fuck shooting that shit.

Moda suppresses appetite

It doesn't kick your metabolism into overdrive like some harder stimulants do.

LSD is the only effect drug

Meth fucks up your face and makes you lose your teeth, that shit is poison, you're either trolling or dumb as shit

Effay drugs have been the same for sometime.


krokodil or nothing

mdma lol


Nah I'd like to retain my brain functionality desu. Remove that and add opiods

No thanksies, I'd like to retain my dignity pls

meth is totally fa. anyone who says otherwise has never tried it / thinks it actually makes you lose your teeth and is not just a result of poor hygiene combined with the dryness of the mouth meth gives u which is easily remedied with fucking gum etc.

If you just use it like an adult and not a retard its Veeky Forums as fuck. normies haaaaaaaaaate it and it turns fuckhead testosterone bois into apes. Not the restrained andro race tho.

finally someone who knows what hes talking about. just use biotene for mouth dryness

ur pretty pls don't ruin it with meth. Xannax is the only effay drug, meth fucks your skin/face/teeth


not true, or at least for me, homegrowing my own shit since 2 years and smoke at least 1g per day and I'm still a fatfag

>the drug known in my country for being the poor mans, bogan, middle of nowhere hick drug.

Nah, meth is white trash, even in america. Take your junkie posting back to tumblr where you can glorify it some more like the rest of those morons

#tweaker pride

>Effay and not bad
Ketamine, LSD, occasional MDMA, shrooms, and weed if you're not a dick.

>Effay and bad
Any opioid but kratom

Amphetamines besides Molly (okay) and meth (not okay) are a gray zone. Cole went out of fashion in the 90s.

There you go, complete guide.

P.S. RC are mostly effay.

Weed and shrooms are not effay.

i surprised myself by doing a bunch of ketamine and lsd last week and the combination was very effay. the world looked like van gogh and tim burton's lovechild.

also effay: 3-MeO-PCP, 5-MeO-MiPT, possibly xanax. opitates are also effay to people who don't take opitates.

great for thinspo and study

the only /effay/ drug is microdosed psychedelics

meth is white trash tier