Post-Punk Aesthetic

Post inspo for post-punk/ new wave/ "refined sleaze" looks.

Button downs
Tasteful tattoos
Cozy sweaters

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Middle right is a good fit, middle left is okay. Middle is bad but nothing noteworthy. Far right and far left are both hilarious


>Middle right is a good fit, middle left is okay.
coincidentally, those are the two most famous (gothic) musicians in the pic

None of the pics in this thread show button downs, unless if I just don't know what I'm talking about. Someone please red pill me on the difference between button down and button up

this is the worst

I'm pretty sure they're both terms for the same thing, although button down sounds less gay.

Button down refers to the type of collar. If the collar buttons to the shirt it's a button down. But People use it to mean any shirt with button all the way down the length of the shirt so now it kinda means that too

love this style so much

what kind of leather shoes should I get?? I am 6,2 and skinny

I'm not too much into boots but I've been getting into leather shoes after I realized that it's time to stop wearing sneakers all the fucking time. I was lucky enough to thrift a brown pair of Rockports and just ordered these Steve Madden shoes. Not the most expensive but still really nice looking imo.

price does not always matter - they look good if you ask me

don't forget the cumstain





wtf björk

Did you size down for these or tts?

where to cop pants?

more pics?

how tall is elias

How do I get my hair to look like this?

Was looking for that Psychick cross. Nice.
Favourite post punk. PTV Goty.

Manlet af.

his proportions seem fine however

I think someone who claimed to know him and posted some Polaroids of him said he was 6,1

Hair spray

idk where u got that i've always heard 5'10

i have no idea mane
but he looks a little bit short if you ask me


congrats you look like every other Veeky Forums browsing fuccboi

vile little slug

These beauties

why would anyone want to look like any of these clowns

steve madden shoes are known to be shit, although i guess you cant do much better for the price really, docs maybe

I went tts, they arrive tomorrow so I guess we'll find out.

I like it. id in belt?

what if I am black?

what if im brown


which kind?

>tucking your shirt
sprezzatura done wrong


play your guitar loud enough lol

>who is Kid Congo Powers?

p nice, w2c shirt?

w2c pleated pants ?


can we throw in berlin bowie for good measure

Your own closet. Iron your shit

Let me know user




why he so wide? lol

Where can I get this suit?

what shirt is that?

style has nothing to do with skin unless we are talking heroin chic or something...even then

Do you even know what pleats are you utter mong? Google it, please.

Where does one get reasonably priced pleated wool pants? Flat fronts look like shit with the billowing tops

Uniqlo U

>doesn't know david byrne

Ok. No low waist or stretchband

There where some trousers with pleats last FW season, not sure if they gonna make them again

you have to make actual good music before you're Veeky Forums

Viktor Tsoi?


you look exactly like every other elias clone. stop copying his style none of you even remotely look as good as him

elias looks like "le typical rock musician from 80s", so i don't see any problem in copying him as he himself is copy as well

i should've worded myself a bit better, i meant that you shouldn't wear what is essentially a carbon copy of his outfit as seen in the video:
getting inspo from him is one thing but please put a bit of a twist in it. (im assuming you're user who i replied to)

No i'm not that user. All i'm trying to say is that elias look is nowhere original you can probably look at lemaire collections wich have bunch of looks with slouchy shirt, big trousers and even key holders

that's gucci, i think

can anyone explain the post-punk aesthetic?
like what philosophy is it even trying to exude.
it is goat.

W2c these trousers?

lol that is not at all what rock musicians were wearing in the 80s, too wimpy and watered down

hes like 6ft, just look at pics of him standing next to 5'6 sky ferreria

Is Lou post-punk?


john looks effay af

Lebanon Hanover right? Good music

The aesthetic is "artist from the 80s". Post punk was an invention of journalists trying to explain fast-moving music scenes to kids in suburbia. There's no unifying factor to it at all.

damn, do you even have a personality? do you hear yourself? lol

Post punk is the most poseur genre

>hurr durr all rock musicians in the 80's looked the same
nayrt, but come on.
pic related is Nick Cave, an 80's rock, post-punk specifically, musician


I'm very sorry to hear that.

Pop Punk > Post Punk


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who is this elias guy?

take a look at these HANDS