Whats a decent backpack that has a laptop sleeve, Good amount of strage and decent aesthetics?
i need something
>pic related was gonna be my choice but now too many normies have it

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Not OP, but backpacks are essential if you do any sort of traveling.

Some people care about their spines


>Be corporate wagecuck in management for a bank.
>Get a lease car from work.
>Buy Fancy leather Tumi to fit in with half the department
>Everyone accepts me as their brethren.
>Buy new house walking distance from work.
>Use the sling because handholding it is to far.
>1mile walk instead of a 50 yard stroll from the car.
>One shoulder destroyed the moment I arrive at work.
>Buy fancy backpack.
>Everyone calls me a schooled and bullies me with their Nerf guns and desk missile launcher.
>Back to murdering one shoulder now with the Tumi.

fuckin hell how emaciated are you m8

if your shoulder is ruined by a 1 mile walk with a shoulder bag then you really should redo your priorities


that's what you get for not lifting weights and having bad posture, pussy

i copped these in ecuador for $10 each

left one is pretty effar

right one might work in some kinda /palewave/ fit perhaps???

too annoying finding one that fits right.
ideally i'd like one like pic related, but with a strap long enough that it would be ergonomic to also support the weight with my hand if i wanted. (even if that means it's down at my legs and gets knocked about a little if i'm not steadying it.)

Ok don't get this.

But you can get another Fjallraven pic related

I have the dark blue.

I got stormed on and nothing got wet in my bag. Lots of storage, secure pockets, not too big width or length wise, and p minimal.

If you absolutely hate Drawstrings tho, don't do it.


superdry tarp back (blue and white) or herschel little america/retreat (navy)?

forgot pic

Anyone have experience with a Venque bag?

Anyone know where to cop corduroy backpacks ?

whats the edgy contrarian version of a fjallraven or northface or Herschel. is it still Eastpak??

Got this couple of days ago, for work.

i think the point is that one strap bags destroy shoulders over time, you should look this up before being a cunt online


>buying milsurp but not paying milsurp prices

I've seen these kinds of backpacks (or their counterfeits) being shilled online on normiebook and twitter. Anyone check these out?

Milsurp tis fucking hideous

Are you 15

Ah the communist hump, the fox backpack has been overplayed in Europe for almost 10 years.

I have a "Harwick" back pack from j.crew. It should be on their website.

Literally only LBTQ feminists wear that thing.

should i dump those Go Out backpack inspo pages?

Yes please

okey doke







haaa gay

north face backpacks master race

yo anyone know of a backpack that captures the aesthetic of the raf x eastpak 17/18 but doesn't look and fit like ass IRL? I ordered this bad boy but there is a strap between the shoulder straps that forces you to wear it super low. Couldn't bear it so I'm after something similar

literally fucking gay lmao

those are SICK

Think I might cop this

Thank you sir

these are nice
ugly imo
napapijiri makes bags with a similar aesthetic but i haven't seen any normies with them,
pic related

Napipijri is mall core normie brand

While we're at it, does somebody have the pic of when half of Veeky Forums fell for the salty ocean backpack scam?


I only ever see small Asian girls with these but I love them, great for every day stuff.

anybody have any recs

Get this

mine is great, just as long as you're not overfilling or planning to hike with the damn thing

Kris Van Assche x Eastpak backpack

Protip: Get a backpack with good padding. Your back will thank you in the future. Also, having a structured back support is also great.


Raf Simons RS x Eastpak Nylon Volume Topload Large Black
what do you guys think?

The brand is amazing as a whole.

>Taxes makes the fillson 256 out of reach for me
What bureacrat fuck thought a messenger bag needed 1/3rd of it's price in VAT and customs taxes.

Seems like a hassle

>The brand is amazing as a whole.
So shinyyyy


I got this one and its pretty damn good

cool, it looks great. I'm kinda trying to steer away from logos though, I might just get a black milsurp backpack and mess around with it

more like Kris Van Ass che x Eastpak backpack

i just got a $30 generic bag and replaced the logo with a band patch

gay as fuck fucking faggot gtfo now

ID ?

What's a good backpack to sew patches onto, this is what I'm looking at now but I'm not entirely sold.

not that one

just get a generic black/blue one from amazon or something, no point putting patched on something that's already too busy

this motherfucker is invinsible
my dad got it, like, 15 years ago and he's been using it daily
it's so durable

Is that buckle not a pain to do up each time?

I live in Norway and I swear 80% of all people I see with backpacks have that fucking thing!

Just got one of these

thats too bad


But its practical

Cop for 55$?


why not? looks good



this ones so nice, just bought it after looking at this thread

those are fuckin dope

What is the most fa maximum limit carry on limit travel backpack?

fuck im dyslexic




i think

I like my supreme SS 2017. Fits my laptop, notebook etc

they use nerf guns in banks now? christ everyone really does want to be silicon valley

got replica of this
pretty good size and comfy af

just because it's practical doesn't mean it's not a disgusting cringey eye sore...

>pratical =/= fa

I received a basic black Kanken recently. Should I not use it?

ya nah m8 fuck off you dumb cunt