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You know the rules; post your face for a rate, advice, etc

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reply to me describing or showing a flaw with your face/body and I'll tell you what plastic surgeries you need

Posting my penis will result in a ban.

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Allow me to contribute to the decline of this board.

How can I become pretty

yo honestly i would rather not be rated, but i was wondering which side of my head i should part my hair on.

i have some pretty obvious facial asymmetry, as my nose slightly bends toward the right side of my face, and that side is also seemingly slightly thinner than the other side.

should my hair be parted on my right, or "bad," side as to make the hair put more emphasis on the other side, or should it be parted on the left to "distract" from the right?

weird question i know lmao, but any overall advice to help me improve my appearance would be cool

Middle-Eastern Frank Ocean.
You can't.
Oblivion character.

What should I do with my hair, I've been thinking about an SS cut for a while
Your part should be on the side of your face that you think looks the best

Oddly, girls lately have been telling me they like how my eyes crinkle when I smile. I think that's weird.

inb4 fb fag reveals my identity

girls like things like that.

what's up jeoffry

It's cute.

I guess, but I'm gonna be mad wrinkly

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How can someone be autistic enough to post pics of some random r9k thot every single day? I can't wrap my head around your motivations

She legitimately browses Veeky Forums though.

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I don't browse Veeky Forums I just found out that this guy is still pretending to be me and has been since May 2016. So now I'm checking to make sure people know they're fake.

we know that you don't browse here. whenever the fake trip posts, we usually tell him to fuck off.

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D U B L I N?







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What should I do Anons?

What I looked like before,


the eternal anglo is once again after aryan blood

shave, that's about it

Will do, if I did go with facial hair , what would work for me? Some parts don't grow in well



i wouldn't at all if i were you, looks patchy as hell and also the gap in the stache

rate bois

>censoring hair
Lmao you could've just thrown on a hat

tfw no fa black gf

Just shave it all

fucking hell mate you look super familiar, is your name nick by any chance?

Tell me what hat would look good one me rn.. You cant

You've been posting your mug an awful lot recently, I think /soc/ might be a better board for you.

Please help

fucking phone upload

advice ? hairstyle? what type of glasses would suit me? why do only creepy old guys smile at me?

greetings my dudes

I'd love some free advice
Most recent pic, showing a friend how to put in their toy contacts

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for a costume pic for fb?
i aint even mad lets see you

ciara, you're getting 18 next time and you have to stop this childish shit

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pls rate recent cop

this is my type of ugly

u have a really gentle face and i dig that. would nod at if I walked past

idk what I'm doing, I grew a beard and buzzed my hair out of frustration.

Rate?? My Instagram is xannacs. I have more pictures there

long hair will suit you
maybe grow the beard and get a shorter haircut or buzz, hairline is too receded for long hair
because you wear the same earings as their deceased wife. shoulder length hair and early 2000s oval glasses if you wanna be edgy.
lose 10lbs and stop being goofy
never wear those contacts. do whatever you can to not be bunched with alt-rights.
0/10 not a cat
arab fuccboi if I ever saw one, no one wants to see your instagram.

Your hair parting is on point

Keep growing your beard

Get a nicer haircut, messy looks rad but it looks choppy

Beautifulcore. large big wire frame glasses for Tumblr aesthetic, modern student glasses, or contacts

Looking nice, I suggest a different hair parting though

Modelcore. Eat healthy and take care of skin, and you'll be 8/10 - 10/10

No facial hair my dude

Rate me fellas

I'm Your like the 3rd person to think I'm of Arab descent lol, I'm actually Hispanic. Is it the skin color?

ID on glasses?

>negative canthal tilt

Did I ever have a chance?

my friend



Post better angles we want to help you don't hide pls

I dyed my hair black, should I cut it now?

wow i look v good here

Am I hopeless?