This thread is dedicated to making puttees look good and tasteful in a modern setting. Also trying to establish a freikorps-core (the name needs some work), which basically means the style of any WW1 veteran or interwar fighter


Puttees are useful if you do stuff outside. I highly doubt any of you wannabe rappers do anything outside of a city, so there's no point in getting puttees. You would mess up your pristine, overpriced shoes either way.

I don't that the people who want to look like traumatized German veterans are wannabe rappers. Also this is perfect, since I do plenty in the outdoors



You're insistent, OP.

Alright so here's an idea: pants with pleated cuffs like on dress shirts, that button up to mid calf. Any diy bros wanna try? So imagine joggers with really high ribbed knit cuffs

I used to wear them with jikatabi when running around the hills, they gave very good ankle support.

So you mean Milsurp which is already a core on its own. This is too niche to be its own core. Just call it Milsurp.

Yes, but this is more of a mix between milsurp and traditional. it's very niche, but there's nothing wrong with that. I don't even think it's milsurp. It's more partisan core, as some call it

My friend, without insistence, nothing would ever get done around here

You're welcome.

Alright so I'll just throw some ideas down. So wool should be the most important material to this fit, as it captures the aesthetic as it was meant to be. But it also, I think, requires the heavy use of coats. Topcoats, peacoats, trench coats, in gray, black, dark olive, or navy. If you really want to be special, then khaki or horizon blue like the French. Under the coat is up to you, but it could vary from suit to just and old Henley. The pants should be wool, and if possible, wool cargos. Then puttees of coarse, and some work boots, preferably ones that go to the ankle and no more. Feel free to add anything

>Full Rick + Steel plate battle armor.
Be the most effay dude at the renn fest.

Can you guys even tie puttees correctly?

If Freicore doesn't become associated with shooting leftists, preparing armed takeover and generally saving your nation from moral decay, I'll be very disappointed.

Ankle boots or higher boots
Baggy wool trousers
White shirt or wool pullover
Slightly puffy cap (think greek fishermans hat)

Jacket/coat is where it becomes a problem. The jacket should be wool or leather. It has button closure and is tailored. It has few other elements and goes below the waist, at least.

Also, no puttees. Sorry man, that's just flaunting your autism.

always Luke

It can be, I just don't want this thread to turn into discussions about how to remove jews and blacks

Sorry man. Have another Freikorps pic as apology.

These seem fucking great for jogging but would also make you look like a retarded tryhard otaku

>pre 1945 milspo
Yes please

On the right, are those just socks pulled really high?

Would they tuck their pants in?

Bavarian fashion.
(Werdenfelsen Freikorps, suppressed the munich "council republic" (commies in case you hadn't guessed) together with prussian and württemberg volunteer forces)

Where's the pic?

Thank you. Btw guy on the left is AESTHETIC

I figured puttees would be impossible. Although for coats I have an old beat up peacoat, which should be good. I have no hat though

Also, I was thinking pants like these would make a good substitute for puttees


I have no idea, but I hope tailoring can do the same

There must be someone who sells breeches man

If all else fails, then eBay. In fact, they sell replica German army puttees

Replica Breeches are sometimes acceptable looking around the waist, but the hem is often laced and clearly meant for jackboots.

How does one get more loose breeches like in my pic, but not nazi level either?

God that is a Beauty. I always found milsurp after ww2 to be so boring, and WW1 uniforms for every country that fought in it are better looking than their WW2 counterparts



Wrong thread, lad.

Partisan-for is the sister to freicore

Some slav-boys, but they fit the aesthetic nonetheless

Wrong time frame maybe, but the aesthetic is alright.

It's weird no one's posted my puttee fit pic
I used to post in DiY a few times about incorporating puttees into fits and how to do it and make or buy long ass puttees

>pic related, puttee fit


The hardest part is figuring out what too actually goes with it. Those would look good with properly fitting jeans or even slacks but I do not know what to do with the top. Maybe just a long sleeve preppy sweater, and arm puttees as well (you could fit a little wrench or otherwise steel bar in there to protect your forearm from swinging sticks at riot rallies )? I feel like earth tones is the way to go color wise.

Maybe something like this?

The WW2 Polish partisan aesthetic is completely different from post WW1 German Freikorps, are you blind?

I think you mean enemy.

Oh shit nibba

Tbqh senpai i think the only things differentiating freikorp and partisans are the helmets and the ideologies

If you pay attention, partisancore is really just a rough and tumble variant of that comfy-intellectual meme that happens occasionally, so basically just drab wool pants and a lot of button ups and sweaters

Post spanish civil war inspo

the left will and always will be more Veeky Forums than the right, sorry man

They're about even desu. Although both side come together for the superior /monarchism/

Freicore is basically partisan-core, but with an interwar attitude. But what separates the two is that partisan-core can extend into modern dy, but freicore is restricted to pre ww2. Also the attitude. To make freicore work bust, you should be a smoker, traumatized, and have monarchist sympathy. Maybe not the last one

Freikorps are soldiers with a nation but no state support, they dress like nationalists and soldiers. Partisans are commies and other such individuals, they dress like workers, civilians and internationalists. Can't believe I have to explain this shit to you. Go read a fucking book or something, maybe that will prime your dull eyes. Before your reply, tell me, who is a partisan and who is a Freikorp in this picture?

Don't try to over-conceptualise this. I dress like this, I own puttees. It's just retro-milsurp with quality civilian clothing mixed in, that gives an early 20th century European feel. Buying pre-ww2 clothes isn't really an option for most people but many traditional styles were part of many army's equipment until the 80s in some cases, I have some beautiful Swiss winter wool trousers for example that look like they could have been made 1910. The kind of thick grey loden wool fabric that is seen in the OP pic are key to this look. Modern milsurp can obviously be integrated if it is dyed/altered to fit the aesthetic. One beautiful thing about this look is how cheap it is for the comfort and incredible quality you get as milsurp and high quality old clothing is cheap if you know where to look. Except for boots, those 50s/60s unused military boots will cost you - they're worth it.
Thanks for making this thread, OP. I feel much better about this than the Veeky Forumsscism threads we have here as it doesn't seem to be weight down by elitism and political dogma as much. This seems like a beautiful amalgamation of that, the "terrorwave" trend and a return to more folksy, Germanic, traditional aesthetic without sacrificing personal identity and aesthetic liberalism.

Guess at which point this post became painfully embarassing (I dig the first part though.) Don't playact the trauatised of war, just be a Waldgänger, disillusioned with the modern world, a pawn in this endless machine war.

The last part was mainly a joke.
The one on the right. While you are right, the two styles intertwine more often than not, so it's easy to see why one would get them mixed up

You're silly.

When you run you don't give a fuck about what others think of you. If you do, you need to go faster

I kind of like it as an evolution on goob ninjas and mooncore

Imagine being this deluded

>arm puttees
Jeeha village core

It's more fas-core without the gayness or superiority complex

It's kinda funny; the civilian here is obviously an older man, but he's wearing what we call a newsboy cap in english. Plus his boots are actually higher quality than the veterans ones.


It's a Guerilla Group piece.

How did you determine the quality of his boots? Because they aren't laced? That doesn't make them better quality.
The name of the cap doesn't mean jack shit by the way, it's historically been worn all across the working class.

I actually didn't read your text nor pay attention to the red armband... It makes sense that a lower class communist would wear this type of cap. (Otherwise, he could absolutely be a freikorps civilian volunteer)
As for the boots, laced boots were a cost saving measure, which is why jackboots were rarely issued at the end of the war. The guys in uniform thus wear ankle boots with puttees, while the communist somehow managed to get proper jackboots, which would presumably be rare and more expensive at the time.

So if the red bands are commies, what's the freikorps symbol? The deaths head sign is a bit too extravagant, but it's effay as fuck. Any non-cringe armbands that don't involve commies or swastikas

Silly putty

They have different companies with their own symbols. They weren't one army.

a guy in my printmaking class would show up every day in these and would recite sections of mien kampf in german, he made a lot of anime-inspired stuff.

>Goddman flux capacitor is fucked
Someone gonna help me fix this fuckin hunk of bolts space cruiser?

That's true. Any universal signs, or just the deaths head (sorta)


Does this answer your question?

You're a nice guy

nice coat, edgelord

>Ernst Jünger reference
Very nice

That's a save

Now that we're on the subject, what are some acceptable freicore coats? I'm looking for an excuse to wear a peacoat in a way that isn't just rehashed nu-male garbage. But what other coat types? Also post inspo if you have any

>Just ordered a pair of hobnailed ammo boots for winter

How fucked am I going to be on concrete?

If they're good boots, you shouldn't even feel the cold of frozen metal. But they look nice. I've been considering getting black iron rangers or other such boots to capture the aesthetic, so I guess you're not alone

That's just a stock picture, the ones I ordered look quite a bit nicer. I have a pair of Iron Rangers that are great in everything except snow and ice, the smooth rubber sole gets super slick. I decided to see what hobnails would be like, but I've heard walking on bare concrete can be pretty slippery lol. But they should be good at digging into hardpacked snow and ice in an Alberta winter.

Chore coats
Unstructured blazers
Trench coats/long coats

If you're feeling ballsy get a repro WWI german field jacket and try that out

I should be alright, as the paths are usually well salted. Good luck with the boots.
They're 200 dollars, so I hope they're good quality. Also is there any advice with the pea coat, or am I just fucked? I'm sure I'll figure something out, but it's nice to take things into consideration. Thanks

If you have a peacoat already then post a picture of the fit you're thinking of

Gonna post some pictures I'm finding




I'll do it tomorrow, though it's in kinda rough shape
Very much appreciated

>though it's in kinda rough shape
That could be a positive thing for this look

I mean, makeshift uniforms are pretty effay


Alright here it is. I apologize if the pic isn't so good. It's not great, but it's a start, and there's definitely room for improvement. What I have on are desert malis, which are alright. Then just light gray trousers, a sorta matching belt, and a dark grey turtle neck. Then the peacoat, and that's that. Please leave suggestions and your own fits if you have any. Also thinking of replacing the coat with an m65, so consider that as well. Thank you

And it's sideways :^/



i love this cut
high rise, pleats for comfy thighs and crotch, skinny legs

>German army
>not jackboots

Not a Nazi, but nigga wut. Wehrmacht was where the fashion was at.

The right man is not actually a partisan but one of the rote bund. A communist group in germany during the interwar group that did the same thing as the freikorps members. Assuming the lack of rank insignia on the middle man and the helmet painting on the left man signifying a certain freikorps gruppe, both men on the left are freikorps.

The silesian eagle and baltic cross arent freikorps medals at all. It is true that most people awarded these medals were freikorps but thats because they fought alongside the army members who were still the primary recipients.

Not freikorps. Late ww2 volkssturm.