What's your routine to fight off BO?

what's your routine to fight off BO?
stift or deodorant? fragnance? how to keep your effay clothes to smell nice? give me all you got

i mean, besides the obvious "you should shower daily"

what else besides bodywash, deodorant, parfume and doing laundry would there even be?

>showering daily

this is a meme because some overdo it and actually shower 2-3 times a day. this must be some mental illness. once daily is fine, every 2nd or 3rd day as well as long as you got deo.

I keep a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol at work
Half way through the day or when I start to feel sticky or smell, I go spray my torso and wipe

Some people with ocd shower obsessively, it's the way to deal with anxiety for them, like the routine itself keeps them calm and makes them feel like they have a some sort of control

Eat less red meat
Use something to make your armpits basic
>showering more than once is a mental illness
The shit i have to read here...

Shower at least every couple of days.
Wear deodorant.
Use cologne sparingly.
Use a nice smelling lotion on your body.

I work as a cashier and get frequent compliments about smelling good.

nothing is wrong with showering once in the morning and once before bed. it won't affect BO at all though

What lotion do you use?

>he has never done manual labor all day in +100° weather

I use unscented baking soda based stick deodorant on my pits. I also use body powder on my crack, crotch and feet to absorb moisture and odor.

How often I shower depends on how active I've been.

But the big thing? I just try to take care of myself. I don't eat a lot of junk/fast food, I stay active, get lots of fresh air and don't spend all day with butt squeezed into a chair.

The worst B.O. I ever had was when I had a desk job.

I shower twice a day, use antiperspirat/deodorant, wear clean clothes, and keep my sheets/pillowcases clean

It's not that hard

Shower daily with Rexona normal soap pH balanced
Use Rexona deodorant
Brush my teeth twice a day
Wash my clothes using Tide
Having a healthy diet.
Drink one or two times alcohol per month
I only use 100% cotton underwear, socks and shirts / t-shirts my entire life.
I've never caghut those nasty infections on feet because I always use sandals when I need to use public showers (gym etc)

I used to be a NEET and didn't shower often at all, developed boils and fungal growth under my arm pits which smelt like death, but because I was so used to it, it didn't bother me.

Recently got a new job and got myself cleaned up but the smell from the boils is still strong and people at work won't even come near me without pulling a face, normal spray deodorant really hurts when I apply it, is there anything that you guys would recommend for my situation?

Image is from Google but that's what my boils look like.

uh holy fuck dude, i recommend you go to a fucking doctor


wow man

>The shit i have to read here...
who the fuck got time for this shit then?
I certainly am not crazy about seeing the inside of a shower cell twice a day. fuck that.

that looks like cancer (not actually but you know what I mean). Doctor, now.

I am a dentist not a dermatologist but I deal with large infections daily. Judging from the size a swelling you most likely have a staph infection. Staph is the most common bacteria on your skin so no surprise but you need to do and I&D, incision and drainage. Because it is on your back you most likely can not do it yourself, but if you can get reasonable access to it:
1)take 600mg ibuprofen. 1 hour prior to starting the procedure.
2)place a warm compress on it for 10 minutes followed by a cold compress for 5 minutes.
3) with a blade lance the boil
4)using gentle pressure drain the boil
5) cut a 3x3cm piece of sterile glove, roll it into a tube and place one half inside the boil allowing it to drain.
6) remove after 2 days.

>inb4 the disgusting neet lances the boil with a dirty blade and packs it with used toilet paper

he said he has them under his armpit you idiot

>every 2nd or 3rd day

If you work out eod this is impossible

Shave your armpits and drink chlorophyll

Shave your armpits, they'll stink less