Is this real or faux leather?

Is this real or faux leather?


hard to say from just that pic but it looks real

First impression is looks real

This jacket is being sold on taobao for like 65 dollars and after translating everything there is a buyer that says its fake and other that says its genuine lambskin leather so i dont know what to think
The photos uploaded by the customers look exactly like the one the buyer uploaded (pic related)

>the buyer

I mean the seller

There is no way that for 65 dollars you will get geniuine lambskin, even if it's from the ckinks. They know business too well, and will defninietly fuck you over.

here is another picture by one of the buyers

So faux or genuine leather?


I just realized it is on sale and it was like almost 300 dollars before I dont know if it is a real sale or just something to attract buyers

Leatherworker here. It's fake.

Probably dogskin left over from the Yulin Dog Festival.



Faux for sure.

Not even a leather guy but looks fake af
Looks too soft? I can't find the right words but the way the """"leather"""" looks is off like it's too soft like fabric

if you buy |000 of those and you use 1 of them per year then they will last a lot longer than a 1000 dollars jacket

i mean 100

That's just fucking wasteful user
The environment wasn't just made for you

lambskin looks very similar to what's in op

it's faux genuine lambskin leather. You get what you pay for with leather jackets.

It's not like it looks like shit compared to SLP or Undercover leather jacket.

and you'll look and feel like shit for 1000 years lol

lmfao you wont ever find genuine lambskin for anywhere near below $100, much less for 65. Even for around $100 for a lambskin leather jacket it doesnt mean its good or even better quality than any other shit leather out there. Its all about the treatment of the leather, and $100 'barely making it' lambskin is not treated well, you need to be spending atleast $300+ on lambskin for it to be treated well and to feel somewhat decent. You just want the name of "lambskin" but trust me everyone will know how shit your jacket is from a mile away, its not the type of leather thats impressive in any way, its all in the treatment of the leather and what processing it goes through. Fucking newbie bitches just thinking they can hop right into leather jackets like that without research, lmfao kys

huh, Thanks for the info.
This is my I'm nervous about buying leather since I might get duped