Shirt Suspenders

Is this effay?

there must be a better alternative.

imagine stripping down with a girl and having this under your trousers


>Addictive Lifestyle

These are probably for those days when you know you won't be getting laid. So for you, there's no issue.

How do you walk?

got me there user, implied i'm a social outcast like a champ. still this seems like a roundabout option to fix a minor issue

as you normally do, they're elastic so supposedly they only pull down your shirt with minimal force


Looks like a complicated boner hiding apparatus

These obnoxious things are part of the Air Force dress. They work for keeping your shirt pulled tight but you feel them yanking and scraping the entire time you're wearing them, it's impossible to ignore.

It is the best method to have a clean tucked shirt all day long. Not something you would wear daily nor casually though.

I tried the magnetuck alternative, it is okay but not as sharp as shirt stays.

Military tuck technique does the trick for the appearance but won't last a day.

>not layering pants

I use these things on a daily basis and i have never felt that they were there

10/10 would recommend

wouldn't that be hideously uncomfortable?

Maybe if yanno, they just made formal pants with higher waists

You will never have this problem if your shirt is long enough at the bottom.

I have to wear these with my Charlies


gay af

jockstrap tier

this or get a starched shirt

I don't understand what I'm seeing.

Caring this much about a non-issue is not effay

OP image seems a bit over the top being full leg and all, can get knockoff shirt stays from eBay for like £2

from someone thats tried this for shits and giggles, you walk normally, you actually dont really feel it.
pretty much the only time where you can really feel it tug on you is if youre stretching out like to grab something.

Do you actually wear this shit under your flightsuit?

The pilots uniform? It's a jumpsuit, why would they need them.

looks like female lingerie

This is bad. Your shirt shouldn't be this right obviously? No one wears dress shirts that fit like this.

I've come to realize 99% of posters don't go outside. Please. GO OUTSIDE, SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE WEARING AND HOW THEY WEAR IT.... THIS IS SIMPLE STUFF.

I can guarantee.there are more crucial parts of an outfit to worry about than if your shirt is skin tight. Maybe see, I dunno, a TAILOR?

The fit is not that much different than a properly tucked shirt (e.g. with military tuck).

As its name states, a shirt stays first purpose is to avoid tucking back your shirt many times a day.
Something you most likely have to do if you are minimum active and that even with a long and correctly fitted shirt.

Personally I would only wear this for formal occasion. Magnetucks are a nice alternative for more casual outfits and if this is an issue for you in the first place.

You should never take off the jacket when wearing a suit anyway so why bother

I recommend the ones that clip to your socks. There's none of that scraping against your calves that you get with the saddle ones, and it keeps your socks from falling down all the time too. But ultimately shirt stays are only really necessary if you want to stay pristine for a long period of time where you're still moving around. Other than that though, they're completely superfluous.

Get the ones that clip on the shirt AND the socks, so your shirt stays down and your socks stay up.

Looks like male lingerie to me, totally adds to the appeal imo.

the hate of practice of tucking in shirts

its ugly looking and uncomfortable

Or you could learn to fit and tuck your shirt properly.

This is what I said with the military tuck method retard. Even if it is fitted properly it won't stay perfectly tucked the full day if you are not a static lazy ass.

outside??? Like an internet cafe? Please clarify!

i am the exact opposite

Kinda hot actually

If only there was a way to unclip them without first dropping your trousers to your ankles.


I have these, girlfriend loves them.

Has a classy old style feel.

>>What is a 3-piece suit?

This guy gets it

In a 3 piece suit the vest covers the shirt on your torso, so it doesn't matter

You obviously have never used a shirt on a job before