How do I get a jawline like this?

How do I get a jawline like this?

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mix with blacks

This. You need black alpha genetics, whiteboi.

He looks like a neanderthal. Pretty disappointing because you won't find another guy who actually has a jawline in that horde of beta males

T. Guy who has no idea what neanderthal ppl alooked like

Looks pretty slavic

suck some fellow white dick

>He looks like a neanderthal.
fucking LOL, cope harder uggo

My cousin was born retarded because of this "great" black genes lmao,.the biggest mistake white person can make is mix because children are ugly + with many problems


>Looks pretty slavic
Did you ever see a Slav? Or are you one of this "every Slav is a russian bald Igor drinking vodka in tracksuit" type of people?

Your cousin is retarded because of his mother's ideological stance, not because of black genes.

I do see a lot of bald igor drinking vodka in tracksuits. But I don't assume all slavs are like that. Just many.

Nobody else in my whole family is even close to that (also noone of non mixed children is) but nice try. Do you also believe that every black person has 30cm dick?


Be Slav with alpha genetics

I think it might be just Russia? I personally never saw any irl and I spent A LOT of time in Slavic country

the white nationalists should use this dude as a propaganda subject.

lol, that dude looks like a fucking meme.

>feels guy Wojak at a white supremacist rally

Nazi false flag.


sucking cocks and gobstoppers at the same time would probably help

t. triggered slav who looks like a neanderthal

How is middle school going?

Ban your wife from drinking tap water and taking paracetamol when she is pregnant with your son. Make her eat a good, solid diet with no GMO food or soy.
Make your son sleep on a wooden board, play team sports, play outside etc.

>I said how do I...
Oh, well it's too late for you. Commit suicide and hope you reincarnate as the son of someone following this advice.

Hahaha! What an impressive comeback!

Thank you, not as good as your though, I would absolutely love it if you would teach me the art of comebacks

But Varg said neanderthals were tall, beautiful elven creatures!

That is a beautiful man.

Holy fuck it's a russian from Nazi propaganda

That's actually the slightly photoshopped version running around pol. This is the oregano.

The real answer is chewing gum and face exercises to improve your facial aesthetics by stressing your jaw bone outward and creating large facial muscles. Feel your jawline right now, while tensing your jaw and other face muscles. You should feel a little knot of muscle in the corner of your jaw.

5 sets of 100 chews on each side of the mouth with one piece of gum, then add a second piece and do it again. Repeat this for two days, then 4 days of rest. Eat plenty of protein (at least 80g per day). Do this over the course of a couple months, I promise it will improve your facial aesthetics.

>mfw all these sapes itt

Damn he looks even more inbred in the original

He looks better in the none shopped version.

You are one jealous bitch lol.

Another facial feature this man has is an over developed zygomaticus major muscle that produces that angular path down from his cheek bone. I believe this can be exercised by repeated smiling, but I'm not sure how much or what level is required to make it stand out like that

oh man is that how /pol/ pictures itself

Fuck forgot pic. A little

American blacks have an average IQ of 85 and that's thanks to being mixed with Whites. Africans have an IQ of about 70 on average.

Not every. But most. 98% you dirty slav

I'm actually really clean, don't worry about my hygiene. Does my race make you feel so bad that you get aggressive? Or do you have a superiority complex? It's not Pol

It's hilarious because it's true


What's this then? People called the /pol/es they go the house?

haha stay mad mutt

I think you mean...

>/pol/es ite domum

Still doesn't change the facts and low IQ isn't Veeky Forums btw.

They even had a thread where they wanted to make the alt-right look more manly and attractive so non bipolar women would want to join their movement as well.

I mean it's all skinnyfat babyfaced teens/20ers up until now.

>little beta male talking trash

why do /pol/acks feel the need to venture beyond their containment board? Even spilling into the real world sometimes with hilarious/cringy results.

>posting a pic of a jew


nice hairline Brüder

Did you miss the kippa or what? That's clearly a jew.

As a gay Jewish man I think he looks too manly. Veeky Forums shouldn't promote this kind of toxic masculinity. And yes I'm a Jew and I'm proud of being a Jew. Fuck off nazies. We will defeat you again.

Once again why do you people even bother leaving /pol/? Nobody likes you and you have your own safe space. Stay there or at least pretend you're not from there.

>implying /pol/ isn't primarily self-hating jews and halfbreeds.

Jews and mixed people hate Whites, so no.

It's almost like people with political opinions also have other interests and hobbies. desu white nationalism is Veeky Forums as fuck at the moment. rebellion has always been cool, and there is not much more rebellion than white nationalism

Why do you people decide to leave your containment board? Shit is off-topic and delusional because it's PS'd. Leave your political shit at your board. No one cares about your alignments or thoughts or ideals or anything. Fuck off with it.

White nationalism is seen as possibly the most retarded shit ever. Plus it gets you fired and chances are you aren't even white. Like I said above, if it isn't fa, leave it on the board you come from. And if that's your political opinion, I think that there's a board JUST for political opinions, thoughts, and ideals. Maybe it's called poll, or pole or something like that? I don't know.

u look like a gypsie kek

commies are Veeky Forums af rn
being a commie will get you laid, being a white nationalist will get you punched lmao

Facts sure do make you angry

I said I don't give a shit. I don't care if it's real or not. Talk about it on your shitty board.

Keep bumping it, Jamal.

Being a commie will give you a laid from fat unshaven Tumblr chick, wow, such a great thing. Commies are seen as a huge fgts

fucking hell, how new are you? do you know what sage is?

Jamal... Sage goes in "Options".

Dumbass, I put it in options and name.

that's bullshit

>white nationalism is Veeky Forums as fuck at the moment
most actual pictures disagree
>rebellion has always been cool
Trump is the president. What fucking rebellion?

We still have a long march :^) to go to remove all forms of marxism and anti-Whites from American society.

can you keep your march on /pol/ please? thank you.

No. Everyone seems to think its okay to shit on /pol/ but then bitch when /pol/ naturally expands.

This is what is to come. We are growing and people - believe it or not - will express views that are not similar with your goyish manufactured ones. Learn to be a big boy about it like we have to having lost 80% of our media output because (((they))) have no argument.

>pol naturally expanding
no. your board is meant for political ideals, statements, and thoughts. fa is meant for fashion. no exceptions. if i posted ricky's on pol then it'd be archived. if you post something to do with trump on fa, it's archived. This isn't about
>m-muh freedom of expression
it's keeping the boards on topic so it isn't derailed. No one gives a shit about left or right here. I can guarantee you most people here are apolitical.

> the actual literal definition of the establishment, Nazis, believe themselves to be rebellious

fly those pepe flags while wearing Rick skirts instead of cheap mall slacks and polos then we'll talk

this is Veeky Forums. We discuss fashion.

>Trump is the president. What fucking rebellion?

If you havent noticed, the establishment from MSM to mass media to over half the government itself is anti-Trump

Why do you guys keep posting this backstage model? This guy lives in europe. He looks nothing like any of the altright.


Which has changed. No one ares about your faggy views on how boards interact with one another. If someone posts shit you don't like, fuck off or put up with it.

You don't say. This just happens to have political touch to it, be brave as you faggots say.

Implying you're not some runt cunt who would get laughed out of any group.

Veeky Forums is a board of mongrels and jews. Should've expected the pushback, OP.

>>white nationalism is Veeky Forums as fuck at the moment
>most actual pictures disagree
posts a random trump supporter

>indians are white
we did it my nigs

we will not rest

Wait, so somehow you're going to change peoples political outlooks? How the hell are you going to do that on the internet, on here of all places? Very useless fight you're putting up at all.

And no, fashion has no point in politics and vice versa. Most politics involve three piece suits at the least, and most politicians have zero fashion sense. And the undercut/fade was used waaay before white nationalists or alt-right even touched it. And to put the nail on the coffin, wearing shitty Walmart white polo's, being overweight to the point of gynocomastia showing through said shirts, and wearing old NB's is absolutely nowhere near being fa.

-Alpha genetics

Pic one user

>muh /pol/ please leave
Fucking sensitive faggots go back to thinspo you emasculated niggers

Yeah and those who cry against /pol/ are of pure genetic quality
>pic related your average "ree /pol" poster

i don't even dig into either side of politics so why are you calling people you know nothing about leftypols?

>going to
Reread what I said, you stupid faggot. We have changed the political makeup of Veeky Forums and that is because it is based on truth and no one wants beta cucks like you whining.

>there is no fashion in politics
Hang yourself.

>undercut was used a long time ago
Yes, refer to the Hitler Jugend for starters.

>walmart polo's
>old NB's
This is why people are fed up with you cucks. You just whine and make shit up. You aren't and never will be anything but a pussy and everyone will continue fighting hard to achieve our goals and we will succeed.

Understand that more and more people are turning to ourside.

>le noble centrist

Then shut the fuck up about others being political then, you fucking useless cunt.

no you really haven't. most boards tend towards being neutral, non caring at all. most times politics is involved
>with something that has no place in it
it's immediately met with , , etc.

Only person really fa is Ivanka right now, but she's not even political, and I don't remember wearing peacoats and oversized neckties counts as fa my dude.
google away to disprove you

Are you serious though? This user is proof that they aren't fa. This isn't being made up lmao. Same for richard spencer. Just a standard suit that looks cheap as hell. And you're the one whining/making shit up, see in response to user called you out and you got angry because you were wrong and called him a runt cunt. Very odd. And you're still thinking I'm fighting for a side, which I said I wasn't I was saying that it's already autistic to talk about politics on a board about fashion then keep it going.

Whatever you say. I already said I'm not into politics, so why are you calling me centrist now?

counter sage

man, you are at least as annoying as the natsoc people. please just shut up or make a trip so i can hide you

I want pol leave me and my wifes son alone

Fuck the alt right

this single argument about you tarding out makes just really makes me think how you'd even do in a political debate. i feel sorry for you man

>being baited this hard

What an absolute faggot. If people want to talk about politics on Veeky Forums when fashion and politics is involved, let them. Stop bitching and fuck off to another thread you clingy bitch.

Greetings shill

this, plus we get free helicopter rides


not an argument.

I'm a hundred percent sure that aborigines are a different species of human and have no relation to the rest of the world

>hey guys i'm retarded!
>haha fooled you i wasn't actually retarded!
But politics isn't involved. And you guys are ones to talk about clingy, coming to here from another board to shit it up.

certain political ideologies have associated aesthetics and styles; I don't know why you are being so obtuse as to this