Toronto thread

Anyone know any decent jewelry stores? I'm just looking for simple, cheap shit like silver/gold chains and bracelets. Nothing crazy

this city blows

its ok. it must really suck for people who just go to school and don't know ppl.

I remember this place on Queen St. near Spadina that had nice necklaces and the like. Can't remember the name though.

It's okay, but maybe I have low standards

It sucks how it is full of farmers and shit from like Whitby and like south of London.

makes it not feel like a city. also stuck in the 90s

So where are the good places to shop? Hang out? Eat? etc.

My favourite store is probably CNTRBND, probably pretty popular here

Real silver/gold or costume stuff? boy or girl?

I like Sunset House, near Christie Station in Korea Town. I got a huge plate of beef bulgogi with rice and free side dishes for $8, and it was fucking delicious. It's super popular, so you might wanna go when they first open, but disclaimer; the place itself is very clean but has ugly green walls and stupid decor.

Momofuku is popular among quasi try-hard hipsters, never been there but it's trendy and I heard the ramen is good

Nice, I'm moving into the Annex in September so that'll be right down the corner
I've heard good and bad things about it. Tried to get one of the large format meals but they're closed the week I wanted to do it

My best dining experience was Hanmoto which is super quasi try-hard hipster but I still loved the food and the decor. Want to go to that guys' two other restaurants OddSeoul and Pinky's Ca Phe

As a Toronto thread I really wanted to reply but I actually don't know that many because I'm not into Jewelry.

I know that Bloor West from Yonge to about St George is the Veeky Forums part of the city. There's a Cartier Store, they'll have expensive lighters and shit like that.

Nope, don't go there, overpriced and overrated - serves corporate patrons who don't have a budget.

How so? I think it's pretty comfy if you're here for reasons that make sense, like you chose a career that's big here and it's where your friends are and you like big cities and things like the arts, restaurants, people watching, etc... I could imagine this city really sucking if you don't like big cities in the first place and you're here because you sort of ended up here because you aren't good at making decisions based on basic factors that would make you happy or miserable though.

Toronto is okay if you've never been to any other major city in your life.

nuke toronto
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why does it not feel like a big city to me?

im at brunswick and bloor. come at me nigga.

hitting up relax before tilt.

this city is too liberal

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i want to commit suicide 24/7 come to toronto if this concept appeals to you

urban sprawl

Who else student here?

RyeFag reporting in

UofTears here

Fuck York

Nice me too

If you are rich designer chink become friends with me

Is UofT actually harsh/unfair or are people just whiny

bit of both, there's obviously some stigma created by everyone else whining which causes people to say things like this without actually feeling that way. e.g. people in the most bullshit easy programs still complain that it's hard

I wanna apply there but everyone I know who went there (sister, brother plus other fags) say that its awful lmao

if you will be enjoying the program you're in, nothing will be too hard with a bit of work. that being said, it will be pretty shit if you're not quite enjoying it.

it's an incredibly good school though (very smart professors and general curriculum, very good resources, nice campus), so at least apply if you can.

although, if you're worried about *fairness*, they don't really care for picking up your slack, it's a big school and they will not really be trying so hard to help you. it's kind of a survival of the fittest scenario, so if you end up going I would recommend that you go with the knowledge that you will not be helped by the school, and you will suffer a bit in the beginning. it sucks, and it really will test you, but many average people end up being able to cope with it and if you are determined you can too.

this, also don't make the same mistake I made first year and seclude yourself - big hinderance imo.

Half arab/half whitey, a-are you still down user

If we ever meet

I'm not in Canada at the moment, get back for the start of term

Any good recs for tailors in Toronto
I need it to get some of my jeans tapered and/or hemmed
Preferably reasonably priced, like 10-20 CAD per item (I have no idea how much this stuff is supposed to cost)

Don't need to research unless you're getting a suit tailored, just call places and ask for prices. 20 is the minimum for tapered jeans and 8 is average for hems.

I usually get my jeans done at Dutil. It costs around $30 to hem a pair you didn't buy there

Silhouette. Go to the one in the east end though, the owner and the younger woman there do great work.

I sat behind Brandon Fraser in a restaurant here two days ago.

len..... you ok buddy?

How Veeky Forums is UofT? Incoming freshman here, and don't want to stand out as a massive fuccboi

lots of students, so lots of effay kids and lots of fuccbois

go on king street. east of bathurst. there are many there.
bloor and spadina have many.

I think you have to ask to european hem

Im from Tokyo and I dont consider it a big city

Its nice tho ill give it that friendly people as well imo

George Brown