Sunglasses thread

Discuss anything sunglasses: brands, face shapes, recent cops, c/n, etc. Eyeglasses are welcome too.

I need a new pair of shades. What are Veeky Forums-approved brands that aren't (((Luxottica)))?

Even if Luxo, I like Persol and Olivier Peoples.
I enjoy Tom Ford too but they are manufactured under a big consortium umbrella as well.


Robert Marc, handmade in japan

I've been looking to get a new pair of sunglasses, I have an oval head, so I was looking at wayfarers and clubmasters.
Any decent brands that aren't ray ban?

tfw no ysl sunglasses

maui jim or oakley or oliver peoples or persol

if you have to ask you probably can't afford much else besides the well known brands, but fyi ray bans new wayfarers are probably the best looking shades you can get under 100 (if you pay retail you're a huge chump)

Anybody have suggestions for a long, thin head? I usually stick to women's aviators because otherwise I look like a bug.

Never bought any decent places/tips for not being a chump, is it worth getting the polarized ones

I'm looking for as weird a brand of shades as you can find, like P-Funk Bootsy Collins type deal, hopefully that I can get made as a prescription too (blind as fuck)

I am concerned purely with funtion and not style. I need to protect my eyes from the sun (not the eclipse, just driving normally). My question is, if they are a little too big for my face, or a bit far away from my eyes, is that a danger? or is bigger always better? Im worried that the sun will creep into my eyes because theyre too big and there's too much empty space. Is this an issue, or not?

I have a pair of browline sunglasses. But now I'm picking my frames for my new prescription eyeglasses. I'm thinking about buying the browlines as a frame. But it's definitely not even close to being as popular as the sunglasses variation. My question is: should I pull the trigger and buy them or should I just leave that style to the 50's and 60's?

>I am concerned purely with funtion and not style.
Wrong forum then.
If you are worried about the sun just get wraparound motorcycle goggles.

where to get nice looking prescription sunglasses?

Matsuda, Barton Perreira, ic! berlin, Yohji, Kuboraum, Rigards if you can wear them...

I've worked both for an eyewear designer and a " classic " eyewear shop, if anyone has questions.

pic related are the sunglasses I handmade

Persol 714s are the GOAT. Any ideas where I can get the tortoise frames/green lenses that are polarized? Maybe even on sale? Thanks

if you have a lot of difficulties just get tortoise frame on sale and change the lenses

can a guy wear these?

yea, but you can't be white

i love em

Yes but you must be white

i like linda farrow, kuboraum, rigards, and the rick sunglasses(probably wouldn't be able to wear them)