Why is heroin chic so effay? Aren't emaciated, pale, sickly...

Why is heroin chic so effay? Aren't emaciated, pale, sickly, unwashed people the opposite of what we are supposed to find attractive? But it just works. Pseudo-psychologists please explain this to me

It looks very good in artificial scenarios created to look good. It's easier to create a cool image of something when you only use one sense.
Nobody likes to be in a filthy place smelling vomit, piss and hearing zombies making bizarre noises but sure as fuck it can look cool in a picture with the proper set up.

They appeal the most to people with somewhat feminine sensibilities (myself included, I won't lie) because they simultaneously seem dangerous, unpredictable, destructive, and mysterious, but they also seem like something that can be nurtured and cared for. It's the Beauty and the Beast archetype, plain and simple

thats what happens when counterculture becomes the culture

it seems good until you realize you just come off as a creep

things look good on attractive people


looking like a junkie is a pretty good way to get laid by junkie chicks. double wrap those condoms tho, bro

one way to tear a condom is through the friction between two layers of condoms

yeah just get non shit condoms. i have no recs because i never use them. my gf is clean and infertile so i just cum inside every time
i kind of want a junkie fuckbuddy gf. i used to use hardcore opiates a lot and i just do kratom now and whatever pills i find. used to do oxy and h a lot. i miss those days but it was getting destructive. i feel like someone in my life enabling me like that would be bad. plus opiates kill sex drive so we'd just get high and cuddle and laugh probably.
for some reason girls like that, if you seem like you can protect them and are interesting and troubled, they want to try to help you. unfortunately whenever my gf does something to make me feel good its not long until she decides to make me feel bad.
real junkies can get pretty gross honestly. heroin chic isnt the best reflection. ive known peolle with serious habits who just have one set of old clothes and they never shower or brush their teeth and start getting sick 5 hours without a hit.
pretty much this. real junkies look just all fucked up and dirty and diseased

damn nigga thats deep

You are being cuck-ditioned.

(perceived) Intelligence is attractive
Intelligent people tend to look like skeletors who never get any sleep and put no effort into their appearance

Thought it was cool when I was younger, its only cool on Veeky Forums

nigga no one gives a shit about your ugly girlfriend

Because you've obviously never seen a real junkie before.

Only two of of my friends who got into h are now dead. Neither was effay just rly greasy and sad

heroin addicts aren't attractive

it just so happens that skinny, pale, messy haired young men can possibly come under the banner of 'heroin chic' and they've been considered attractive for years

t h i s

for example

fucking what no you just think of a certain aesthetic as smart. Do you realize you literally described an average neckbeard minus the weight.

terrible hair