3/10 face, unkempt, no fashion sense, introverted-- absolutely no friends...

3/10 face, unkempt, no fashion sense, introverted-- absolutely no friends, crushed beneath a wave of anxiety when I try to better myself (haven't had a haircut in a year despite looking like a literal bum), overweight, balding rapidly in my early 20s.

Should I just end it? I see no light at the end if I'm in a tunnel.

Just be yourself.

You seem to understand your issues though?
Stop being a faggot and get a haircut, develop a routine, eat better, and read the fucking sticky.
If you are insecure about your hair get a decent hat that isn't a fedora.
Go out to a bar or join some shithead club to find someone to talk to.

What does a 3/10 face even look Like?

I need a comprehensive graphic.

Like a 1/10 a 3/10 a 6/10 and a 9/10 and 10/10

if youre going to kys take out as much credit as you can, blow it on whatever you wanted, and then kill yourself

if you cant even imagine that then really kys


don't end it. life is shit ik but ure just being depresso rn. get off ur ass and take care of urself, u gotta think more often of the better side of things, it actually helps. improving looks and social skills will make u more confident of urself. u gotta put an effort into this though.

That isn't even a 3/10 face. Stop crying and carry on. Get a haircut, start going to the gym or workout at home(Check Veeky Forums or Darebee.com).Find something you like and master it. If you don't get a bit of trust in you, how do you expect others to trust you?

that's above average and 8/10 if you make your hair wavy

???better hair and she would be thumb touching index finger emoji

If you would really be so extremely unhappy you would never post a picture of yourself.

fuck off your just whiny

You have a Discord or something?

are you guys retarded?

where is the unsubscribe button? i really have no interest in your blog.

for the newfags

Omg hajjdjfkkfg'sksk I knew I'd seen her somewhere before. Still ugly tho.

stop roleplaying faggot
you make these threads every day

i didnt even make this thread

Yes all of them

>Still ugly tho
Not even remotely. She just has facial blemishes and needs to take care of her hair.