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Going to a music festival next weekend. Which fragrance should I take?
>club de nuit intense man
>versace dylan blue
>versace pour homme

Which house's frags have the best dry-downs and why is it Guerlain?

Where would Margiela's Jazz Club and YSL L'Homme be on this?

CDNIM is the loudest, Dylan Blue is the most mass appealing. Pour Homme smells the best and most uplifting, might boost your mood but nobody may smell it. Might be good if you're gonna be sitting next to someone else, though.


Post stuff you're sad was discontinued.

Can't wait for the warmer weather (Southern hemisphere) and I can start wearing my fresh stuff again.

What are you wearing today, /fg/?

Fuck me that's a sexy bottle.
I'm wearing Mugler Pure Wood at the moment.

I want to pick up a bottle of D&G The One homme. What size should I get? Will it go bad?

My father said he didn't enjoy that one. He usually likes fresh citrusy scents, basic stuff. Is it challenging? I've considered getting a sample but I have a big order on luckyscent, and they don't have it. And I'd imagine that since we're genetically related, we probably have very similar olfactory sensibilities.

Was just going to say the same thing.

probably 50ml is enough. it's pretty subtle in terms of projection and not exactly a casual sort of scent so really depends on much you'll wear it.

the scent is amazing though

why would you ever wear dylan blue?

you could either just wear pour homme or sauvage

> Will it go bad?

My snuggle perfume

don't they only last a few years

not 'bad' but they lose scent after a while even if kept in a cool dark place

If its a good perfume, and preserved well, not even the top notes can go off. If there isn't an airtight seal, they probably will fade a bit even if stored properly.

most of mine have the 36 month symbol on them

Usually that is a marketing ploy so you essentially are a returning customer to their product, a very sneaky way to influence your consumer IMO. Although it varies on the concentration of oils in your scent, most fragrances regardless of being EdT EdP or parfum last longer than that. It's all down to what concentration it is, the ingredients used and how you store it.

well I keep them in my sock drawer which is inside a cupboard and in their boxes

Try it out, it's worth sampling. I wouldn't say it's particularly challenging, didn't have to stretch my neck out to enjoy it or anything, I just really loved it right off the bat. It's very fresh with a cucumber vibe and then just a little bit of Fahrenheit with the leather/orange/vetiver. Really, it barely resembles Fahrenheit, but it doesn't have to because it's great.

>paying out of your ass for 50ml of scented water

literally the peak of retardation

Subjective retardation really depending how each person sees x amount as paying out the ass.

What's your favorite box?

Pic related, the bottle is really fucking cool too. Too bad it smells like shit.

I have a bottle of Creed MI that's 4 years old and still perfectly good. If you store your bottles properly, they'll be fine.

So, just finished up my latest batch of samples, mostly Roja, Kurkdjian, Ormande Jayne, and Nishane.

Have to say, it really seems like a lot of high-end niche stuff is some combination of amber, oud, musks, and animalic notes. A lot of the scents I tried seemed fairly interchangeable. I mean, the blending and composition is different, obviously, but the general profiles of the scents all seem so similar.

Didn't find anything I really liked all that much out of everything I tried, aside from maybe Nishane Hacivat, which I think might actually be better than Aventus. Still don't know if it's full bottle worthy or not, though.

Hopefully in October when I'm in Amsterdam they'll have Creed Viking and Roja Elysium at De Bijenkorf. Pretty excited about those two. If they're anything like what I'm hoping, I'll for sure snag bottles.

Is it woody?


I found it a tad fecal, personally.

Yeah, that's the unfortunate part. Those are the most "niche" notes, AKA the ones considered by most to be unpleasant. There are a lot of non-animalic, non-oud, non-balsamic niches out there, though. Try Millesime Imperial, Zoologist Dragonfly, Philosykos, etc.

Fresh and woody. I know it feels like "Oh, but that's just designer!", but if you smell a woody, fresh or fruity frag done right I guarantee you it doesn't smell designer. It's appealing to many without being something that's been seen many times before.

Have sampled Black Gold? Also don't get your hopes high for Elysium.

>Being poor

Strong urinal notes.

Are you talking about The One smelling like Farenheit? I don't understand. I have sampled The One and quite liked it.

>not exactly casual
Please elaborate? I don't work in a place where I need to be extremely strict with expressing myself.

>out your ass
uh, depending on what you're getting, but most of these are well within the price range of what you can afford to pay for clothing. it's just another accessory. one that definitely influences people. you'll do fine with your axe sprays if you don't go crazy with them though, but don't expect to have people noticing and complimenting your scent.

Yeah Elysium I guess is kind of the polar of what some designers do, venturing out of the safe zone with a few "niche" lines. I think in the case of Elysium its him dabbling in a gateway scent for people used to mass appeal scents, so trying to cater for designer tastes. It definitely lasts long and acts more like a heyday cologne and not like cologne as we know it concentration wise today. I would say its the sauvage or aventus of his line. A few people have compared it to them. Based on the colour of the juice id say there is definitely more synthetics in it than his standard 80-85% natural to 15-20% synthetic ratio. Don't buy it blind whatever you do.

I have MI and just bought a backup bottle. Dragonfly, I actually just sampled. I like the drydown, the opening I like but don't love. Might consider it. I'll try Phylosykos next time.

Didn't try Black Gold.

Elysium does seem like something I'd like, though. Won't blind buy it, I never do with things in that price range. I'll test it in Amsterdam if they have it. I do think it's good that Roja is branching out a bit. I love my bottle of Enigma, but I don't really like any of his other scents and a lot of them seem kinda same-y.

Also, a lot of niche stuff seems to use cedar, which is a note I absolutely hate if it's prominent at all. Just really doesn't smell pleasant on my skin.

>don't they only last a few years
Tell that to my 70s and 80s bottles that smell better than current formulations.

Same here with my 60s bottles.

I'd guess that most people who are spouting this BS don't even have first or even second hand experience with it. They're just parroting stuff they've read on line.

If they got it from duty free where they didn't store it properly and it ended up going off I wouldn't blame that perception, but if someone got it fresh from a boutique and kept it in good conditions, it would last indefinitely, in most cases anyway.

Well that, and it's an actively encouraged "myth". Perfumers want you to think that your fragrances are no good after a year or so so you'll buy more. It's like the "absinthe makes you hallucinate" myth. It doesn't, but absinthe tastes like shit and no one would ever buy it if it didn't have the reputation it has, so people who make it play up the "green fairy" shit.

I want to smell like shit, literal shit that comes out of your asshole

What do I buy?

Opus VI and/or Dark Aoud

Distill your own shit.

When I sniff the atomiser of my Eros bottle it smells a bit like dirty ass

That's because Eros was designed for the gay community.

what's the general consensus on this meme? is it too popular? what other shit could i check out that is similar?

Would like to know aswell

What are some good fragrances for the fall?

I like it. Never knew it was a meme. I just ran out, but I don't think I'll buy it a third time. Going to try for something different.

Nice scent, terrible performance.

I have and enjoy sauvage, should I get this too? I already spent like $450 on frags this month

It's better than Sauvage in my opinion, only the EDT though. Do it faggot

How is it better than sauvage? Is the scent similar?

I already have around 1L of frags between 11 of them. I feel like I already have too much, probably going to last me years

It's more sophisticated, less obnoxiously powdery, just all around more pleasant to smell in my opinion. Go to your local Macy's and give it a whiff.

Also, what frags do you have atm?

>the one edt
>Versace pour homme
>man Eau fraiche
>the brilliant game
>Roberto cavalli uomo
>lanvin l'homme
>ck one
>Burberry Brit
>Burberry Brit summer

Curious about bdc, 1 million, invictus, aventus, MI, green Irish tweed and y'all l'homme/nuit


Aventus is godly but watch out for batch variations, that's a big fucking trap, BdC is great, 1 Million sucks donkey dick but 1 Million Prive is A+++, MI smells like heaven in a bottle but not past 2015, GIT is dated and smells sort of like laundry, YSL L'homme teeters between excellent and smelling weird, YSL La Nuit De L'homme (subjectively) sucks and (objectively) has horrible performance.

I do like the laundry smell desu

Also anything else I should try? prefersbly not too expensive (don't even want to spend creed money when I already have so many) and niche i.e. too hard to find/have to blind internet buy

Amouage Reflection is the best "fresh laundry" scent in existence. Just beautiful stuff and super versatile.

For probably the best Aventus clone out there, try out Pineapple Vintage Intense. The opening is a little different, obviously heavier on the pineapple, but the drydown is exactly the same, it's insane.

Designerwise? I enjoy A*Men Pure Malt, damn fine frag that's masculine and cozy as fuck. I would also suggest you try Versace Dylan Blue, mixed feelings on that one but it's a fine fragrance and very mass appealing. Invictus is also another solid designer choice, though if you can find it, try Invictus Aqua, one of the greatest designer opening ever followed by a synthetic headache, but one that women seem to love.

Also, you're smart to stay away from niche, letting this interest spiral out of control for wanting something new is what happened to me and I suffered through a lot of insane Creed batch bullshit and many, many returns of bad ones.

Also, assuming you're the same person asking for reccomendations, another great designer would be Montblanc Individuel. It's got this fabric softener vibe that destroys me with headaches but is apparently super mass appealing and gets compliments out the wazoo. I couldn't stand wearing it more than the time I tested it, though, so i couldn't tell you if that's true.

Ok thanks for recs. might pick up a few more soon then

>Looking through CVS fragrances, figure I could find the trashy one I was looking for there
>See Acqua di Parma frags, shocked and impressed
>Wonder what more there could possibly be
>Go to the next page and they have every fucking Amouage
>Also Creed Aventus, MI, etc.

What the hell? What is a shitty drugstore doing selling that kind of stuff? Surely it can't be lucrative, I'm a fragrance dude AND work there and I didn't even know we had them.

It reminds me of Black Line by Mancera ... what does that mean? Is this a sign? Why does everything smell like Black Line now. Well I wish I had more than a 0.7ml dab vial because it seems im not capturing it good enough. Would need to spray 2-3 times I think

I really like Versace Pour Homme but the longevity and projection is really underpar for what it should be

its not in stock at cvs is it? its just on the website?
its no different from amazon I think its just like an online marketplace sold by other vendors through the CVS website

smells less like black line and a lil more like bug spray now in a good way

in for Tom Ford's Plum Japonais

I need to know: how long do fragrances last until they go bad?

I store mine at room temperature. The box says the fragrances only last like 2-3 years, but most people say they only put that there so you go through your bottle more quick.

100 years

probably much longer if you keep them in a darker cooler place like a drawer


Any recommendations for a lower end perfume for the winter? I like cinnamon and lavender if that helps.

you can try burberry brit

Would depend on storage conditions and the chemical composition of an individual fragrance.

Anyone have this? What are your thoughts? Purchased it today as an everyday frag and really liking it.

Mont blanc individuel

Not a fragancefag but this is the one I use. Is it ok?

(Enchanted Forest)

Pretty interesting

Sure. It smells nice, I like it. You'll get a lot of haters who will tell you it's shit, but most of them are just hipsters who hate on it because it's popular.

Sauvage is nothing mind blowing, but it's a perfectly cromulent fragrance. If you like it, keep using it.

Hipster here. It smells like a chemical spill.

It's shit.

it smells like shit you massive pleb

I was looking at that stuff the other day, actually. What notes do you get? I've heard people saying it's overly sweet, people saying it smells like BO or cat piss, but the note breakdown, and the reviews saying it smells like a winter forest have me very intrigued.

Don't keep it in a sunny windowsill or in your car in the hot sun, and if it's a splash, don't leave the cap off, and it should last many decades.

couldnt tell you about the notes but it smells nice, try a sample

Just got my sample, how is this unisex? Super feminine lipstick smell, no way this would be wearable as a guy. I was really hoping the citrus, amber, sandalwood, aldehydes, rain, etc. would be more prominent than the florals, with them just as a background. You expect a pond after rain with a few flowers, not a makeup department, you know?


I have maybe 5 samples from zoologist and they're all unwearable maybe apart from Bat.

Every cocalar in Italy wears it

Opinions on wonderwood? tried the sample but found that it lasts only 2-3. any scents similar that last longer?

Nothing like freshly pocketed smell water to impress the wench with 20" painted fingernails. Buy my potted plant or I will piss on your doorstep. CURSE YOUUUUUUU

Yeah, I'll do that next time I order a batch.

new fragrance fag here.

just landed an office job and I kinda want to start wearing something that smells nice.
anyone have any good recommendations i should try out?
ive never really worn any sort of cologne in my life so i dont really know what to look for. yeah, i know theres an infographic posted but i kinda want to hear peoples experiences with different types of stuff rather than just reading stuff from a list.
if anything though, I dont want to smell like a cheap middle eastern cologne salesman.
>inb4 someone recommends me stuff like that because im a newfag on this stuff.