Is Sam Hyde Veeky Forums now?

Is Sam Hyde Veeky Forums now?

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is that Paul Joseph Watson?

sam is bald


lol, all these alt righty fags have such shit cuts

Chad Kroeger?


That cut is fucking gross

the glo up is real

That cut has got to be ironic lmfao

2070 paradigm shift is the only worthwhile thing he's ever done

Rude thing to say about your mom

the college thing was pretty good too

The anime con presentation is even better.

Plebbit pls go

That's one of his weakest when compared to masterpieces like yellow yam scam and bowl cut cult.

lol i fucking love sammy

He's done a bunch of great things. The inconvenient anime, him at Rutgers, World peace , ideas man, smocaine

you just base your opinion on what some dumb kike on youtube said

>not mothers
>not wine party
>not guy heaven

its dope

pipe down yo loud ass!


>he probably thinks the earth is round too

damn he used to look a little cute he looks like shit now

>sam hyde

pick one

>reddit spacing
pick both

The only time I laughed at this ugly cunt was when his show on Adult Swim got cancelled

>muh reddit spacing

>shilling a middle aged balding broke cocksucker


>people on Veeky Forums being offended by vanilla sambo

>150x filename
hell0 reddit

b-b-but you're technically offended


I love the irony in redditfags calling each other out.

> mongrel Americuck
>effay ever
fuck off

Tap Water is the GOAT

Kek I wish Sam would ironically get that cut but that isn't him.

At least I'm not retarded enough to save the same picture twice

he has some cool stuff like williamsburg interviews, moms and some old vertical vids but yeah, his stuff has been utter trash lately


Historie's liars is nice though.
(Even though Sam Hyde isn't explicitly in it)

>a guy famous for calling other people "snowflakes"
>grows a snowflake-like tuft on the top of his head

either his comedy really is next level, or he's the biggest douchebag of all time

or its not him lol

thats not him thats a gay activist

of course they're that next level