Pretty skinny guy so i wear slim jeans but have kinda thick legs

>pretty skinny guy so i wear slim jeans but have kinda thick legs
>jeans that actually fit like slim jeans should are too tight for me, no pocket space, can't even bend over, etc
>get ones that are a waist size up (32x30) and comfort is good but results in the lower leg and leg opening flaring out too much and also causes the denim to fold up over the shoes


Mass manufactured jeans do not have reliable enough measurement accuracy (due to the slicing of thick stacked layers of fabrics and the zoned out chinks that sew the shit together) so one thing you can do is try on all the pairs you can and find the best fit that way.

yeah the jeans i wear (levi 511) are notoriously bad for this. i get my pants on ebay lel but i always have the seller hand measure dimensions

i have one pair of 511 32x30s that fit like how slim are supposed to be (slimmer in thigh and down leg, smaller leg opening) and they are borderline uncomfortable tight

Find a good tailor.
Tell them what you want.
They make it so.


>but have kinda thick legs
Either fix that or don't wear slim jeans

cant fix it. skinny upper body but wide hips and thick thighs because i bike

Seems like your legs are simply too thick to wear slim jeans. Wonder how you can be skinny and have "such" thick legs though. I am female and even slim jeans for men fit me.

You shouldn't taylor non-black jeans bro
unless it's a expensive ass job

it's gonna look horrible obvious

t. has a horrible Tailor

i shouldnt have said thick legs, its more like wider hips and thicker thighs

truth. $5 at dry cleaners

501 slim

i can't get an idea of what your legs even could look like

For clothes you wear a lot it's worth it to go to a high end tailor.

it really does make a difference.

Get the slim taper, the legs taper a lot more than the slim fit, you dummy.

I have this problem too OP, my ass and thighs are too big for my body

I doubt anyone irl will notice the outseam discoloration from tapering a pair of jeans unless the wash has a lot of fading. on top of this well fitting jeans > poor fitting jeans so its worth it in most cases

you can't wear drainpipes. your legs are not that shape.

some people can't be pretty skeletons like cole mohr. it's not the end of the world.

Go otter mode and get athletic cut jeans.

thats one thing i was curious about, levi 511s are slim but yeah they are basically like drainpipes, the bottom of the leg is vertical. legs arent shaped like that

ive found levi's 511 to be pretty tight in the thighs as well. fuck em.

Do you work out?

Don't get levis then if it doesn't suit you.
Look at the leg opening size when you purchase your denim.
Also, if slim jeans are too tight for you, you can get a pair with slightly stretch material so it's more comfortable.
I think G-Star-Raw and Diesel carry slim but tapered jeans with a smaller leg opening.

One more thing, be careful of hemming jeans because since most jeans are tapered when you take 1 - 2 inches off the bottom, the leg opening size will get larger depending on the taper.

i ride my bike a lot

Then just wear slim fit and not give a fuck about it.

Do some overhead press and bench to even out, or get a pull up bar

Does anyone know whether Levi's jeans for women have pockets with a decent size or are they also worthless like most other (cheap) brands?

Also which is the best slim Levi's female pair of jeans? I have no clue.

No one gives a fuck that youre a female.