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user gives us a massive overview of the Vietnam style jungle boots including care, w2c and brand recommendations Retard wears retard boots Couple guys post their collections
No solution was found for the age old problem of how to store your boots user claims theres an eBay seller with deadstock mie 1460 DM's but never posts a link >all boot related faggotry belongs in the designated boot thread

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are Taft boots worth it? I'm considering some.

Thinking of copping wolverine 1k miles in black. Anyone here own a pair and mind posting a fit pic? I'm sure they'll look great with my regular casual wear during the winter, especially once their broken in.

buying my first pair of boots and i found out theres a small red wing shop close to me.
probably gonna buy those iron rangers with the rubber sole since i need boots with a bit of grip on them but dont want them to look bulky like a hiking or real work boot.

should i bite the bullet and do this?
is there any other place I can buy this boot but at a cheaper price?
i looked on ebay but didnt want to buy used and everything else was gonna be more expensive because of shipping.

or should i opt for a different boot?

>all the good boots are over 100 bucks
I hate being poor

You won't believe what you can cop at thrift stores for cheap. I got a pair of Thursday's for 8 bucks.

I just got an all leather pair of what look like combat boots for 12 yesterday!

They work well with most normie friendly styles. Don't try too hard with them. Don't go full MUH HERITAGE AMERICANA with them. They can be dress up, they can work casually. Think about the colors of your day to day wear before purchasing. I own a pair in amber that are nicely broken in and comfy as fuck BUT I fell for the amber meme. I should've gone for the Hawthorne or black based on my own style. All in all they are worth the money for sure and I'm about to send mine in for a their first resole.

I got some in amber just recently. They are really well made and are breaking in really nicely. The sizes run about 1 smaller than your usual.

Left, right, or neither? Got about ~500 dollarydoos to spend on some black boots and both these fit my wardrobe.

is it alright to wear my desert boots to an interview?

>amber meme

what does that mean?

Here I am shitposting the very same picture from the previous thread and ready for another discussion about the quality of Docs and other shenanigans. How are you /boot/bois doing?

No, man, no. Get shoes if you are going in a suit.


>Red laces

You fucking commie

Proudly a RASH. If you unironically support the right, outside america, you (as in general) are a goon.

Willing to splurge on some black boots. Most likely combat or monkey. I already have Chelseas. Any recommendations?


desert boots? chukka? whatever its called. fireman's boots

are blundstones Veeky Forums?

Thanks but I'm looking at higher end stuff

Woah, then I dont really know. What do you think about looking for second hand stuff?

Dumping a few, tell me what you like

1/5 Officine Creative

2/5 Jil Sander

3/5 Valentino

4/5 Balenciaga

5/5 Alexander McQueen

What's it like being 14 and rebellious?

Good enough I guess.

like bags of sand

How much you willing to spend because you should get these

Under 1k preferably.

Copped a pair of redwing workboots for 50 dollhairs on ebay. Austrian para boots are cheaper than that. You gotta look.

I've got a bit of a problem with my ropers, but I can't quite figure out the cause- although they fit well after a year or so, the ball of my right foot gets really irritated if I wear them for long walks or on consecutive days. I don't notice any direct discomfort from wearing them, and the insoles are still in good shape. I've noticed that there is some excessive wear underneath the insole (in the inner portion of the sole itself) at the problem area of the right foot, but nothing ridiculous. For reference, the outer soles are rubber on this particular pair.

Would a different insole help alleviate the issue, or are new boots going to be necessary?

you'd need orthopedic insoles that will fix the way you stand in the shoe
you apparently have some weird way of rolling your foot while walking that puts all the stress on the ball of your foot

and you're a fucking faggot.

Either you're delusional or just stupid

That's probably my best bet. Finding some that will fit in a square-toed boot will be a pain, but it's better than limping everywhere

you'll have to get them made by an orthopedic shoemaker so just get them fitted to your boot

I ordered some cherry docs I can't wait for them to arrive


Samefag LARPing neonazi.

>spends two weeks on Veeky Forums

so this is the power of memes

Wow a 50 year old style of boot becomes a meme cos a 16year old kid says

if you're trying to deny the fact that shitty docs are the new flavor of the month shoe here than you can go suck a fat chode

they're basically the only shoe even posted in these threads anymore
also lol at you deleting that image

hit a nerve insecure baby boy?

>i-i spent three months of pocket money on all my docs and people still say i'm not one of the cool kids

Posting my shoes because most of them are boots lmao

I bought redwing iron rangers and I really like them. They're made well, look good, and are comfy. I did change out the laces though, those were crap.

It depends on a few things.

What kind of job? Are your boots beat up or are they clean? Will you be wearing a suit / dress clothes, or something more casual?

If you're going to interview to be a barista at a hipster coffee shop, then you'll prob be fine to wear your desert boots. If you're going for an office job where everyone wears suits, just wear a suit and normal dress shoes.


office tier
aren't these firefighter boots

What laces did you get? I have iron rangers too and don't know what to get

It is important that your boots is goodyear welted


>um because umm. it's like the highest i read it on put this on

waterproof, quality and resolable

Between these and the Alex McQueen?


It's important to me, but how important is it to you?

Military boots are really nice, useful to wear when hiking or whatever. I got them for free, a gift from someone I know in the Army.

I also wear Calvin Klein Chukkas, they have cushiony insoles that are flat, which is nice for my flat feet.

I'd love to wear Ramones but the price is not for me.

Thanks for providing us with the worst angle ever, idiot


...or these?


Dries Van Noten

I dont want strict combat boots and i dont want gay dress boots. what get

What is the most versatile color out of grey, black and brown if most of my pants are dark blue/navy? Looking for a winter boot

forgot to attach the pic of boots I was considering

What season?

my vote is for black


Blue goes with brown

Can't find it atm sorry, Helmut lang also do a similar version (which is still just an upmarket bundeswehr pilotenstiefel) but with the sort of crackled leather pic rel

What did he say ? Was he the same Muppet who accidentally admitted he was 16 last thread

Post when you get them, Cherry are very hit and miss whether or not you'll look good or like a clown


Thanks man, bit of a let down, autists gotta autist

How do you guys feel on harness vs jodhpurs? I like harness but I also get the feeling that they look feminine.

Work boots

Brown with navy. Burgundy goes with everything.


Common Projects combat boots

I like chelseas. Right.

I wear a us 12/13 in most shoes, any boots that won't look ridiculous on me?

Already have some pilotenstiefels but my lacing wont work like in that pic. Well it will but it wont look as good but damn are those beautiful wish I could find some to cop

Are there any boots similar to the ones made by Saint Laurent tha cost 100$ or less?

Is the best way to buy pilotenstiefel boots through German ebay, or is there a US supplier?

balmain aw11
dior aw07


How is the sizing on Gudis?

What do yall think about these Hugo Boss boots? They're on sale.

I need them for fall/winter season (3 months of snow).


reposting my ugly fucks

help needed, what boots would ya wear with this carhartt master pant II?

edit: color of the pants are deep navy blue.


Are the £30 Austrian para boots on eBay legit?


Are blundstones good?

do you have a pair? What are the used quality like?

Yeah had them for a few months now really good quality boots, soft but tough. For about the £30 area on eBay it seems you can get either worn boots with new soles or new boots with worn soles, I went with the worn option and it seems as though the soles will wear out before the leather

I think alessandrini is releasing some but not sure when thats gonna happen.

Should I just get black meme martens? I need some black shoes I guess only got white and brown
any inspo of black boots?

Should i cop these?

Gray boots ideas? Combat boots are too school shooter and dress boots/desert boots are bad memes. Chelseas are gay