Is this the most effay way of killing yourself?

is this the most effay way of killing yourself?


cyanide capsule during an interrogation by the Gestapo

Would probably hang myself, the pill thingy didn't go completely as planned

dropping backwards into a pool of molten metal in the Jesus Christ pose



1. find very tall building
2. get access to the roof
3. tie a very long piece of chicken wire to some structure on the roof
4. tie other end around your neck
5. superglue hands to the sides of your head
6. jump
7. the wire's slack will run out half way down, gliding straight through your neck
8. on the ground it will look like you just fucking pulled your head clean off

Kill pedos till the cult gets back


holy fuck this is hilarious, saved


nah that would be starvation

Chill it's not his idea newfag

I've been considering jumping for some time already, this idea is useful, since if it cut through my neck I will be certainly dead and impossible to save

>mfw waiting to someone to know that the noose cost 7,000 dollars and is made out of pure cashmere

Shoot up a muzzie place.

I fucking hate enfants hack deprimes so fucking much

this copypasta never makes sense with the hands part
at the most you're going to just dislocate your wrist from the fall and may even stop the wire halfway through your neck.

this or crashing your car over 250 kmh but your car must be kino

revolver in the mouth on the bed of a shitty motel

Came to thread expecting that, in the end it's just people who can't read.

>mfw when the shit noose is made of a shit material like cashmere and not vicuña
>mfw when the noose is bargain basement 7g yet peons moan and complain

I thought most people were aware of the noose, I didn't see a point in talking about it

>spend your life designing art that looks into how we view death, the after life and the end
>be really close with your mom cause she's so great
>others notice the beauty you're giving to an otherwise morbid topic. Some know you grapple with depression and this is the best way for you to deal with your existential dread.
>eventually your mom dies, you loved her a lot
>everything feels worse. You miss her a lot.
>you can't explain your feelings the way you used to. Its like a knot in your throat that weighs down on your chest with no way of being undone
>you get really drunk one night and on a whim take too many pills
>your friends get you to a hospital. You're saved but now you hurt more. You have guilt for not just what you did but that you're too much a coward to follow through
>you're drunk one night. You take too many pills.
>but you can't go back to the hospital. You don't want the pain of a stomach pump again. It was like glass being pulled out of your throat.
>so you take off your favorite belt, hang it on the ceiling
>the drop may not kill you immediately, only breaking your neck. You need to be sure you die.
>you take a ceremonial dagger, slash your wrists. Then with your last few moments you take the noose around your neck and drop.

Death in battle is the only effay suicide method

drowning in the blood of the unbelievers.

enfants riches deprimes's cashmere noose, hell the fuck yeah

this desu

Killing yourself with a $7,000 noose is the most effay way to do it

wearing this

>be me
>wanting to kill myself by jumping of a bulding
>not doing it becouse my head will explote like watermelon against wall thrown of a giant slingshot
>Polar oposite of "The Most Beautiful Suicide"
>Pic related

We did, it's even in the OP's image file name. He's just being dumb.

death by auto-erotic asphyxiation dick out through the zipper draped in rick owens

Walk into the ghetto decked out entirely in Raf memes



overdosing on an incredibly potent experimental research chemical while wearing a techwear fit



What do i wear with that?

shotgun to the dome, white bic in your pocket, heroin needle by your side

Falling on your sword