Google Maps inspo

find and post fashionably dressed people on Google maps. pic related found in New York.

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the street wear teddybear



wowow a moncler shirt khakis and grey sneakers great fit




w2c those jawns


>hand job alley



the rest sucks but this is fucking insanely good

I like this dude too

I kinda like that hair but there's a 50% chance she's an insane political "activist" vegan blogger
w2c bendylegs



I think I have that exact polo top, or one that is extremely similar

the hooker sucking my in an alley was actually pretty Veeky Forums as far as i remember



I've been waiting for them to update here to 2017.

A couple weeks ago I was tagged by Google Maps Mobile. I barely spotted it in the traffic. Been checking ever since but it's still on 2016.

Plaza Cote Des Neiges

You gonna see me on the bus stop in a white silk shirt

cool thread. bump

>Ugandan kylteri

0.3161305, 32.5721987

bitches hair looks like an acronym jacket.

postaa kans se
>sandaalijäbä :D

could you pull gosha as a bald white dude? I'm going bald and plan on getting a buzz pretty soon

Those are Fjallraven VIDDA PRO TROUSERS, REGULAR, $150.