ID on shoes

The only name I was able to come across was Competition III but googling gets me nowhere

Self bump with the only other image of these shoes I could find. Been hunting for a pair but I don't even know if Competition III is the right name

forum lows are similar
prob bball shoes

Maybe Adidas Ivan lendl

Look like tennis shoes

Similar to these ivans

Not exactly the same but the tread on the Ivan's is similar

I've seen the Ivans before and I really don't like em. Plus they're like 450 and it's definitely not worth it

I'm pretty sure they're a tennis player's shoe because the Competition II are an Ivan Lendl shoe

You're getting warmer lol

Man I just wanna find more info on these I probably won't be able to afford them I've seen a pair Lendl's go for like $400. These are a grail

looks like but newer

late reply but those look like zx750s

bumping for op

great shoes, no ID. what a shame...

Getting close, with these edbergs but still not there

Adidas overtops?

Uk 10 new on eBay 75quid

those are lendl supremes
totally different look

Yeah I thought I'd put em on because of similar style and decent price. As he said lend comps were 400. The ops pic can't be too hard to track down

750s are a little too bulky of a shoe for me, but I can see where you're comming from

This is the closest anyone on this thread has come to finding a similar shoe. I really like the original shoe but if I cant find the competition 3s I'll consider these

I think you'll find these just as hard to come by

just want more info on them more than anything. I probably wont find one in my size or in decent condition anytime soon

You should post on adidas forums. There are some real obsessive trainer heads. Football casual forums. They will help you with finding em

I asked on the adidas subreddit but nobody could figure it out. I guess their forums would be helpful

pls help

some kinda all white leather puma clyde