What do we think about the yeezy wave runner 700s?

what do we think about the yeezy wave runner 700s?

Kanye trying to fit into Ozweegos style sneaker hype, same like Balenciaga. Balenciaga tried to make similar thing, failed miserably, although Kanye did even worse.

I pity for Raf, he may make loads of money on rap idol followers right now, but when you have such group of customers that will buy literally anything because of your name you fall easily into creative coma.

they look like skechers and my niggas don't wear no skechers


What's the science behind liking purposefully ugly shoes?

Yeezys are for tryhard white kids.

choa a cute

Ugly shoe trend over, guys sell your ozweegos while they are still worth something

every single pair of yeezys I've seen in the open are worn by chink students or awkward looking niggers


but yeah, everyone in my town that wears yeezys wears them with fucking off white and is some Asian fuccboi going to the local college

they would look great with an oversized white tee and really baggy jeans

god that looks so fucking bad with those pants

>muh 'autism chic'
>muh 'individualism'


they look like absolute shit, even worse than yeezys. at least it'll make it easier to identify hypebeast faggots with no taste and avoid them

I'm consistently disappointed with Yeezy. He just copies other designers and is really late to the party when doing it. Didn't he say before he was going to make it affordable to the average consumer? What's the pricing like?

300 burgers

anything by kanye is god's gift to earth

rip in pisses choA

Why do people dislike this shoe?
I really, really like it.
It's a old school athletic shoe but modernized.
The shoe feels like it has layer, and layers of pattern stacked upon it, and it's materials and meshes are used sparingly.
I also like the "44", as athletic shoes can feel a bit empty even though there's much going on.

If someone thinks it's bad, why? I'm curious. And do you dislike ozweegos?

Yeezy wave runner 700 on the other hand has a pretty meh design.
It looks so 2 dimensional from the side, it looks like everything is just printed onto the shoe.
The silhouette is just your average silhouette, nothing to like or dislike.

fuck you i will fuck you

i would wear thems

people are only hating them because they can't afford it

literally the best yeezys he's released since the 750s

i hope our choa is sleeping well

don't ever insult our girl again

they aight

I like them way more than the 350s and only a bit less than the 750s

Not worth resell price but if I could cop them retail I would

ugliest shoes i have ever seen

If you wouldn't wear these then you don't know fashion

choa choa choa

Maybe a different colorway

I don't even have words for how fucking stupid this is

keep wearing your grandpa shoes and i'll keep laughing at you

>every redditor hates these

may yeezus have mercy on your pitiful soul

i hate kanye

how can one choa be so beautiful?

They look cheap

i want them on my feet