It's okay to wear shirts everyday?, not only plaids

It's okay to wear shirts everyday?, not only plaids.

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ask this man

Did you finally come around on DAMN.?

He gave DAMN a 7 but himself a 3?????

Literally w2c this shirt? it's exactly what I'm looking for


It's ok if you want to be "that guy".

No, you gotta go topless sometimes

GIS gives this site:

You can probably find better quality by searching around. It's a basic design, loads of retailers have it.

What music do you like

No Fanny it isn't.

Antani Banani

I can't believe it, this yellow piece of garment just gave Swans a strong 10

Hahahaha, melonhead came to my mind when I saw the shirt too, but, answer my question please, I have like 7 shirts (a yellow like pic related too), and I want to know.


I have like 10 plaid shirt on my rotation

Unless you wanna be Manthony Cantano

not every album is a 10/10 so you cant really wear it every day

Related question. I have been using the same kinda clothes since i was a kid
>T-shirt plain or with shit i am in to
>shirt like OP
>black pants
I am 19 now Is it weird spending so much time with the same aesthetic?

you're going to want to expand if you want to get taken seriously, just get some solid ts, a few collared and dress shirts, some different colored jeans
nothing wrong with that aesthetic but you don't want to give off the impression that you've gotten older but your style and wardrobe hasn't

how about these jeans

Those shirts are nearly impossible to pull off. Please dont try