What to wear with this?

Sneakers don't go very well with it I realized.



god bless

no problem man

they are great quality and fit, but I have no idea what shoes to get for them

Common Projects.

Why are you not fond of the sneakers?
I think most white sneakers would look fine with this

Thought someone would recommend them. It struck my head first as well, but hoped someone would know of something different.

I tried all white Stan Smiths and Air Forces 1s and they look really bad whether I cuff the pants or not.

Derbys or boots imo

those are regular chinos
try some sperrys

Any recommendation for brands that make solid derbys or boots?

Need something that will work in cold weather as well

It's a fucking pair of chinos, of course you can wear sneakers with them, just maybe not the ones you have.

this what the fuck is this thread

Is Veeky Forums so fucking braindead at this poitn that they cant figure what to wear with some fucking chinos?


red wing boots?

lmao yea wear timbs with these. be sure to take a pic and let us see it op

What top you wearing with these op

brown derbies, how did you not think of this? now please delete this thread, have a nice day faggot

black high converse, thats what i usually wear some similar jeans with

Brown brogues/derbies work well as well. Loafers in the summer.

Those are beautiful OP, wish they were still in stock

those are beautiful trousers but if they're wide and sit above the ankle really well you can try oldschools/one stars with a vintage hoodie or something or some air force 1's but if you're not on a budget you can try some maison margiela replicas or raf stan smiths