Ivy League University Fashion

Hey Veeky Forums

I'm going to start at an Ivy League school soon and need to get a better wardrobe. I think I want to go for the prep look.

Can Veeky Forums help me out in what to get from normal wear to a suit?

My parents are blue collar workers so they don't know a lot about this stuff.

I'm a 6'1'' white male for reference.

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What's your wardrobe now?

I have
>basketball shorts
>athletic company t-shirts,
>two ralph lauren polo shirts (people always tell me I look real good in them)
>khaki pants
>nike sneakers
>really cheap black dress shoes that are way too small for me
>brown and black belt

The only suit got is a navy blue pinstripe one that makes me look I'm from some cheesy 1980s mafia movie that doesn't even fit me anymore

Any recommendations?

What school? I went to Princeton and prep school in Massachusetts. Also 6' 2" white male. If you want to really look the part and fit in I'll include the basics below.

Basically for bottoms you're gonna want 3 pairs of shorts and 3 pairs of pants. I assume you already have casual wear like jeans and stuff so I'll leave that out.

For pants I recommend a slim, (because you're tall) but not too skinny cut, chino. Vineyard Vines has a good selection and fit for tall guys, I wore their stuff later on in college and preferred the fit. However, Polo is what I wore all throughout my time at boarding school in MA and they sufficed. Your'e gonna want these pants in a light khaki/stone (maybe 2 pairs of these), regular khaki, and navy. Same with shorts, 6-9 in inseam depending on what sport you play. Nothing below the knees.

For tops you're gonna want a good amount of t-shirts as any college student would have, but also make sure to stock up on casual sweaters and the like. You'll need these for layering, if you're from the Northeast I assume you already knew this, but I was from the South and had no concept of this. For sweaters I recommend Patagonia and J. Crew.

Also, for your t-shirts, stay away from graphic tees and brands. Really. Not that anyone cares but when it comes to t-shirts there is a wide range of tastefulness. I found that my most worn t-shirts were from my prep school sports teams, my tennis club at home, and several vacation locations my family had gone to. These shirts will often be covered by your outerwear considering the cold climate of the schools, but it doesn't hurt that they are nice.

The Ivy League is no longer the bastion of the tastefully dressed untitled aristocracy of the US, but it doesn't hurt to make sure you have a few collared shirts and a navy blazer for nicer events. Stick to Brooks Brothers for your Oxford shirts and navy blazer as well as a few ties. Maybe 3.

I'm a girl so I can't help with suits, and I go to a "public Ivy" rather than a proper one, but here's some general advice. At least at my school (William and Mary), this wardrobe is dangerously close to "that guy" territory. Here's what I recommend:

>make sure your daily jeans are slim-cut or skinny
>invest in basic striped or solid t-shirts that fit you well and go with your jeans
>ditch the basketball shorts unless you're going to hit the gym daily
>get some white or grey Vans, they're cheap, decent-looking daily shoes
>khakis are overdressing for class unless you're hardcore prep all the time

The formal wardrobe is going to be important eventually, but on the daily you're probably not going to need that. You only put on nice clothing for interviews and the occasional theme party. Although everyone should have one "dress to impress" outfit, if your budget is limited, focus on having an effective daily wardrobe before you get into suits and shoes.

Same guy from the Princeton comment here. I agree with a lot of what she's saying but I'd remove the striped t-shirt, and add that the you get the wear the khakis with the right clothes and shoes, it isn't overdressing. For shoes I would add my recommendation of stan smiths by adidas.

*add that if you wear the khakis

>future Ivy league student
>needs fashion advice from strangers on the internet
white people are dumb lol

same girl from before, and yeah, that's fair. I don't hang around many frat guys but it's true you can pull off khakis as long as you know how to dress them casually. and yes to the stan smiths. gazelles or superstars would also work

I'm at Oxford so not sure if this translates across the pond

Aside from casual dress, you'll need black tie. I swear my dinner jacket was the best investment I made, the sheer amount of parties/balls/drinks/dinners made it necessary. Black tie guide.com or whatever has all the info you need, but it comes down to: black patent dress shoes, suit (peak or shawl lapel ONLY, don't be a pleb), white pleated dress shirt, black satin or grosgrain bow tie (self tie ONLY). Also, you'll need another suit for more casual drinks etc: black Oxfords, navy wool suit with notch lapel, a few white/light blue shirts, ties (easiest is just black knit silk, or black grenadine, or maybe repp one for the yanks). These are the basics, if you want to mix at all at a higher level these are essentially compulsory

Otherwise, don't be pretentious and play up to any stereotypes in casual dress

good advice but if I recall from studying abroad at Cambridge, yall have black tie dinners once a week, and I've never heard of an American university doing that. Cambridge/Oxford kids are definitely way dressier than we are. that said this is good advice

Yeah this may be a little too dressy for what OP needs. However is OP joins any sort of eating clubs/final clubs he may need more of this sort of style. However I assume if he was that type he wouldn't be asking how to dress.

Yeah possibly true. What's the culture at Ivies like then?

this is a terrible post. kys

Which school?

Starting at Columbia next year

Also the prep look is awful but if you really want to go for it just read through Take Ivy

If you want a more casual Chino looking thing, the banana republic traveller pants are a chino jean (5 pocket pant, not jean material).

Comfortable and stretch, Also come in skinny if you have chicken legs.

If you want traditional, long lasting Chinos get them from Orvis. For traditional long lasting Oxfords, get them from Mercer and Sons.

Be careful buying from Brooks Brothers, there prices are going up and quality going down.

Nordstrom Rack and similar places can be good to get some basics for cheap.

J Crew sales are also okay if you fine with your clothes falling apart in a year.

Ivy League schools aren't actually the bastion of preppyness that people think they are. Especially not with all that affirmative action.

Although, Black people have some sort of weird undying love for Polo Ralph Lauren.

Columbia University

Good advice thanks

Noted. I'm thinking of rushing though and don't you need suits for formals?

Same, what dorm you living in?



>going to an ivy league school

Something's not adding up here.

If you're going to Harvard don't bother, already here and most of the student just wear hoodies and jeans and hang around the square , there are some super rich kids with good wardrobe but you won't be competing with them , their cloths are all customed tailored and shit . Also holworthy is shit, so is the rest of this place but still

> holworthy is shit

all the first year housing sucks, just be glad you dont have a room facing the square in wigglesworth.

why does no one at the ivie dress preppy any more?

Anyone have the picture of the three dudes in the barber shop in summer suits?


black culture+affirmative action caused college to become an incredibly lax environment, and the newer attendees began to adopt nig casual dress styles, which caused prep to fall out the window. Rich kids dress hypebeast now.


>kid from a blue collar family needs advice on the kind of clothes Ivy League people wear
>jamal can't understand this

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desert boots or trainers
a plaid button up
a vest

its shitty, but thats what everyone wears
t. ivy league

are you doing coop by any chance

Why are there so many Columbia faggots on Veeky Forums?

I know 9 people at Columbia who shitpost on this cancerous website and that's by mostly catching them on it.

Now there's 3 more prefrosh on here too.

I thought Chicago was suppose to the school with the most autisms

>white people will pay tens of thousands of dollars to dress like old men


how to achieve a decent style with little money?
i'm poor af but i'm attending one of the top med schools in europe.

most of the people here don't care and just cop the usual jeans+hoodie
but some dress full menswear and it looks really fine

>a vest

You can't, unfortunately, dress 'full menswear' on a budget. You can achieve good looking basics on a budget however. Look to the wiki and do your own research.

If you are from the UK, you may need to take a trip to London for the basic blazers and so on.

>needs to know what kind of clothes ivy league people wear

I'm not sure why that's such a bad question, Jamal. You don't want to stick out like a sore thumb all the time - certainly not fashion wise.

uni threads told me columbia was effay that's why I applied

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>giving literally all of your money and most of your future money to the already super rich.

you cannot create a better scam.

fratagonia shit, either fleece or down

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you can but it's time consuming. thrift for good shoes, most suits in thrift stores are garbage (60's-70's style) but you can find some good shit. some topman/hm/zara stuff is decent but look for full natural fibers, check out whatmyboyfriend wore -- a lot of topman. get it on sale/thrift and ez money. this is all on a budget though, upgrade to more classic well established brands for better quality when you have more cash.

can someone post some inspo (not the usual meme shit)?

also, some good instas?

if you're going for classic capital I ivy I present to you Take Ivy

Made by the VAN Japan guys in the 60s
this is primo lookbook shit

holy fuck you applied to a school, a decision that affects the rest of your life, because it was ""effay"" according to people on an anime website?

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So what are nice shoes to wear that are not sneakers?

I would like to try to wear something nicer/more formal. Would boat shoes be good?

It's literally just fratware. Salmon shorts, boat shoes, wayfarers. In the winter, you better have that one puffy Patagonia jacket or you're gonna be sad.

You're gonna do great kid.

Its New York, the highest concentration of autists with the possible exception of SF. Literally vanity and self absorption: the city. Of course it would be popular on a Vietnamese fashion bbs

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Ivy leagues are overrated

t. MIT

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Hey lads I was in one of these threads and saw something i cant remember the name of. It was like prep outdoors with some vintage athletic vibe to it. Anyone know what thats called?

He means overrated. Just look at Cornell compared to Stanford or Chicago. And would you believe there's this hokey place called Princeton that has a social life revolving around these things known as "Dinner clubs"? Top zozzle.

t. MIT

Carman lads


caltech? what house. i didnt know people were here

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how's mit?

Oh it's pretty much a shithouse, but at least you won't be around as many pre-mba or pre-law turds.

from caltech. mostly pre-med turds

WTF Sperries are fine, but those are old man shoes. Seriously, get some chukkas and some original-style Sperries, not ones with weird looking soles

I go to Evergreen, it's aight sometimes.

you're dumb as fuck, watermelonisha

he stated that he's blue collar..

you either need to be a non-asian minority or poor to go to an ivy !! speaking from experience as a pacific islander

Graduated from Yale last year, it's 98.9% white wealthy people. You need to stop getting all your info from right wing "news" sites and /pol/.

Ivy league undergrad and gradschool fag here, just wear whatever you want and stop being a faggot

LEL he fell for the education meme. Have fun.

All universities are just a giant mafia scheme where they basically extort resources from you in exchange for a worthless piece of paper that says: "I am more privileged than anyone who doesn't have this piece of paper."

Also this:
How about getting a job, wearing whatever the fuck you want and instead actually contribute SOMETHING to society?

xd someone couldn't afford college

Joke's on you retard. I attended one of the most 'prestigious' universities of Europe for my field and I'm currently planing on my doctor promotion. (note: not the shitty 'PhD' American pseudo doctorate bullshit, but the oldschool European 'real' doctor thing)

Also INB4 rich kid: My father was a refugee in the 70s and I grew up (and still live) in an absolute 2nd world ghetto.

You're just young and easily manipulated by the man in suit and tie. Also, assuming you're white, you're probably scared of facing the world alone, without the certificates of privilege that come with your genetic heredity. You need to learn that universities are state-subsidized extortion themes and the average professor is nothing else but a lowly thief holding the metaphoric knife to your throat. You will learn nothing there, but only do your part to perpetuate the cycle.

>Hey Veeky Forums
Fred Perry t-shirt + polo in black and white.

Going to uni honesty sounds like it sucks ass.

Glad I found my passion when I did :3 before going to college

>oh hey a prep thread!
>cancer, racism, circlejerking, and elitism all bundled together
>pitiful amounts of fashion advice or inspo

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stop kidding yourself

As a pov at oxford I say: embrace your blue collar look, don't be a class traitor

jesus christ , didnt know priceton was like this , Im going to priceton's dumber and older cousin rutgers next year. Are thing there more lax ? Can i just wear normal t-shirts and jeans there ?

>mus statistics
>muh finest universities in the world are in 'Murica
Sure, if you think of sponsored recruiting tools for law firms and large companies, yes, American unis are best in the world. However, in actual education and academic discourse, it's a bit of a joke because everyone looks at American unis with a smirk or outright ignores them.

All American unis have is: money.
Over half of researchers and associates in American uni labs are foreigners. Literally bought talent. There are entire laboratories in nearly every big uni that are entirely Chinese. And those people surely don't give a fuck about America. They just go there for the monetaaaaaa. ;)

Try again if you like. This is entertaining.

>Moving the goalposts
Jesus Christ, this is who they let go to med school in Europe?

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American universities are the epitome of cancer. Everyone is laughing at them, just like the country itself, you just don't notice it. It's a basic attribute of mental illness not to notice one's own illness.

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As i guy who studied in France and than America. American Universities totally shill on the whole french superior education system.

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invest in pic related to complete your look

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Fuck off, there was literally no reason for you to mention that, as if girls don't also wear suits

>being this upset

What school?

Keep living in your delusions and keep buying poor Chinese slaves.

OP already said he's going to Columbia

Read the thread you dumb bitch