...Is r/streetwear the only place to be?

To preface- this will be lost to a wave of meme threads and uninspired deconstructiveness in due time.

But I must ask, anyone out there- is there any alternatives to interesting discussion and community that is active outside of r/streetwear?

To me- this cesspool makes me sad and bored more often than not. I love it when people try to make an interesting board, but it is too often lost or without support. I was a long time lurker until I started making my own shit. I quickly realized this is a place full of negativity, recycled enthusiasm, and people not really interested in fashion as honest expression (as much as they would like to claim).

Then I found streetwear and it's really a step up, despite what I heard from it here. However, I do not think it is encompassing enough or diverse enough in discussion. SuFu is practically dead as far as I know.

At the same time I feel this reflected in fashion itself, where you have the duality between something like streetwear (very accessible, casual, and difficult to find nuance) and something like high fashion.

Any ideas for communities (from the real ones only)?

>I quickly realized this is a place full of negativity, recycled enthusiasm, and people not really interested in fashion as honest expression (as much as they would like to claim).

you should have noticed that the 1st time you visited, retard

Veeky Forums is the best because it realized fashion is a joke. Wear whatever you want, if you naturally look good then it will look good.

both of y'all are some numbfucks

1. You repeated what I just said, so why bother posting

2. Not what I care about. I just want more interesting shit to get talked about and a more open-minded, positive community.

3. Clearly neither of you were the "Real Ones" I asked to comment.

stylezeitgeist used to be where you could reside for actually good fits and feedback from people who tried things differently from the normal and looked good doing so. But its long been dead and whatever fits are posted now are awful compared to the 2004-2012 years. There seems to be no signs of it every going back to the state it once was. The last half decent place is /r/MaleFashion which is completely different from /r/MaleFashionAdvice because mf actually try to dress expressively and different while mfa is known as normie fashion breeding grounds. However mf does not go as far off the wall as stylezeitgeist, and sz has its own aesthetic going on whereas mf does not which only leads to many many different conflicting opinions going in every which direction on almost every fit presented regardless of how good or bad it may be, so its not too helpful for improving because they all have different opinions on which direction is improvement. So sadly they have been destined to remain stagnant since creation, and will not improve or better themselves. Since there will be no improvement of the communities taste in the end the community will keep growing and eventually normies will take over just like here and it will be in the same place we are in now. Its a sinking ship but its the last ship afloat. We wait until hopefully, before we all drown, the return of a sz type of avatar arises and saves us from the fire normie nation.

lists of fashion communities can be found in the archives.
most of them have also become de facto fashion archives, though.

The answer is

Real Life

Seriously, everyone I know who has transcended forums and internet fashion connect irl, we're all irl come join us, we work various jobs in creative fields and talk in person.

Thing is...and hate to sound like some contrarian- I feel like those field are pretentious or inaccessible to people without money. Maybe that's my personal bias but, I really don't know anything about the people outside of those who line up from clothing drops or wear branded clothes.

Like, in reality, I wear mostly DIY, some beat up shoes, and not the shit I want to wear basically, but am mad in love with. Y'all be wearing the shit and giving me looks.

I don't know though, where yall at?

No fashion forum is good afaik. I came here from streetwear because I got tired of hypebeasts and trendhopping. Veeky Forums suffers from some of the same problems (hyping up Rick pieces just cuz its Rick), but the community tends to be more aware of bad trends. Streetwear also has like, four different styles that people get praised for.

1. Sneakerhead/Supreme fuccboi

2. Korea worship cropped wide trousers and tucked in shirt fuccboi

3. poorly thrifted with trendy diy

4. intro to niche high fashion 101 (rick, acronym, ysl, etc)

or mix and match between these for /r/streetwear god status. And of course Veeky Forums is meaner, anonymity makes it a lot easier to talk shit, but also makes it easier to ignore, I don't have a problem with this. Personally, when I started lurking Veeky Forums I felt more comfortable wearing whatever I felt like. Veeky Forums might not promote individuality at all, but at least its better than /r/streetwear (and both are way better than ktt).

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post pics of some of the items you made, am interested

The issue is not that there aren't cool people, it's that you yourself aren't at a level yet where you have a reason or opportunity to connect with people doing cool shit.
We're fashion / graphic designers, stylists, photographers, retail / art directors, work in print / publications, music, interior / industrial design, etc. You gotta know your city and your scene. I dont even live in a big city but by being good at what I do I've been able to meet tons of other cool talented people who know what the fuck is up
You might be too young as well, I'm 23 and everyone I know who is like this is around my age or late 20s
Streetwear kids? Hype brands? Dude none of us even have a reason to even think about those thinga because we've transcended that so far. We understand whats going on and see it for what it is but one thing is for sure, its that the people who are bothered by streetweae culture and community etc enough that they always position / identify themselves as being in opposition or disproval of it are in reality not much better or cooler than the people they dislike so much. Little person big problems, big person little problems.

i'm gonna watch this for OPs butthurt reaction.

>says 'y'all' unironically
>likes reddit

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Also we're all young people, if any od us have money we've worked our asses off to get where we are. Don't make assumptions to make up for personal doubt. Everyone likes to think design and creative industry is bustling with holier than thou catty types but nah man, anyone who is actually fucking cool is humble af because part of them being so good is them being self aware enough to realize there are still so many more talented peolple above / ahead of them.

Basically you yourself gotta be dope in one way or another, have good taste in something for other people to want to fuck with you and hang with you, even if they dont actively show u the ropes or whatever, hanging out with cool people always opens doors and possibilities indirectly because they are people who always have shit going on in their lives and new things popping up

do you even know what a trip is user

Sufu still has some people posting.
If you want an actual mens fashion community try KTT or r/malefashion and some parts of insta

But don't you need an education for those fields?

educate yourself and network



Hell yeah man. I think the monthly DIY threads here are pretty nice and seem increasingly more active and organized. I want to post some stuff there so look out soon, I want to shoot my stuff in pretty backdrops. Check over there in next month's for sure.

Nah, I totally get it. It's that first taste of life that is hard to come by. Honest, I've been occupying this bubble by myself and at this point, I just need some hints on where to look.