Any comments on the length?

Any comments on the length?

Kinda gay

Those hairless legs make me uncomfortable. Lengthwise it's fine.

Uncomfortable, why?

What about the length? What is up with that clothing? You're bait man.

No this is patrick

My name's Peter actually

He looks like an Eastern European Eurotrash power bottom.


*breathes in*


Power bottom? You mean dominant bottom? That's far from being true

u look like u wanna be ur daughter

My legs look more manly than that and I am a female.

Well I'm going for the feminine legs

are u tyring to trap?

Top and bottom don't match. If you're gonna go femme, go femme. Grow your hair out, do your squats, think about taking estrogen.

Oh that guy? kek

No, I'm fine with being a guy with very feminine legs

the legs arent the problem nigga

>Top and bottom don't match. If you're gonna go femme, go femme
This pretty much

That hair though.
Did you grow up poor slav? You can have that shit fixed.

Maximum gay. Those are prepubescent girl legs on a man

lack of length you mean. those are way too short. and coupled with the posture. very fem.

Gay twink as fuck. Except he doesn't have a boyish face at all. Just an unpleasant glower.

Nonetheless, I'm kinda jealous of his legs, desu

have you guys really never seen this image before?

Uh, no?

Fuck off r3dd1t