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- post your grail
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a girlfriend

8/10 , this is a cool Craig Green

I want some of the Deepti silver woven collection, some CCP one piece folded boots, a bunch of archival Helmut Lang, and a few of those new Raf CK pieces.

Oh, forgot to do this, so I rate yours a 7 or 8. I feel like that's the go-to CCP Grail, so you only lose points for originality. Great shoes.

My goal hair. Six more months and I'll be there

same grail here lmao

I like some of that Deepti collection as well. So expensive though.

I could never pull off the ccp boots unless you're referring to the hockeyes in which case yeah, I love those. It's a shame his footwear is known for falling apart even though the designs are fantastic.

Wanna buy an OG Lang anorak?

Can't post my current grail because I'm currently in negotiations to buy it and I don't wanna miss out =]

That's why I've been looking at A1923 and Guidi for derbies instead of CCP. Seems like CCP derbies are inexpensive enough, but I have my doubts that they'll last as long as I'd like. As for the anorak, I am a "thicc boi". I wear an XL and a 36 or 38 waist, so that's why OG Helmut Lang will forever be a grail for me unless I can lose a ton of weight.

I've always been curious as to how these wear down





I'd check out Marsell derbies. I have a pair of the deerskin derbies that I absolutely love and they didn't break the bank. There's also Premiata, Buttero, and Officine Creative. They all make fantastic footwear for their own labels and I know Officine Creative at least makes stuff for other labels like McQueen etc.

A1923 are really best for their sneakers imo. Simone's other stuff is mostly just knockoffs of other people who've done it better.

There's plenty of OG Lang stuff out there in big sizes, especially his pants and suits. I think you feel like you gotta be skinny to rock most of his stuff. It'll look better, sure, but having well-designed clothes as a heavier person is still infinitely better than not.

>visible gildan tag

That's most black metal stuff. Thrifty fuckers.

Based friend

I'll check those out. And I have seen A1923's sneakers. Almost bought a pair of some white high tops from The RealReal. As far as I know, he uses Guidi leather for his shoes? Something I've heard, that's all. Although I don't know if I want any more designer sneakers. I feel like my Rick footwear does it for me, and it's not as expensive to replace.

Anyhow, getting Helmut Lang is still on my list regardless of my size. If I see it and it fits and I can afford it, you best believe it's going home with me. I found a pair of his dress shoes for $40 and they're in really good condition for their age, but I think they could use a resole.

Don't just buy shit because his name is on it. Choose interesting pieces that you really like.

not clothing

For me anything from the Moncler and Greg Lauren Collab.

Saw some of the pieces in person

Definitely really interesting and I liked them

but I think I would rather just have a greg lauren piece. I already have a moncler jacket however. Still, after typing that, I suddenly want a piece from the collab again

So.......... yeah. I guess I cant decide myself what I want more. Collab or regular GL piece


would much rather have a normal greg lauren piece



missed my chance

don't buy grails until you lose weight user

wut that

you'll get over it

Undercover AW07 Gore-Tex jacket

>tfw one on grailed for $600

>my grail is a t shirt
any comme/yohji trousers really

>my grail is a pair of trousers

lol, any shit brand can make that exact same t shirt and sell it for nothing why don't you just buy a rep? Yohji and Comme trousers are renowned for great quality and a shape that only they seem to be able to pull off, anyone can make your shit t shirt.

You guys are over-complicating it

your grail isn't much better honestly, you can buy a pair for under hundred on ebay or y!jp if you just want any old pair of yohji or cdg pants
and honestly generalizing like that is retarded, both have released probably thousands of different trouser models

why don't you just buy a rep?
im sure if you looked around you could find a decent rep of some yohji trousers
but that's not the point, the point is owning the authentic piece that means something to the person that owns it

grails don't have to be expensive. In the typical Yohji loose style is what I meant
doubt it, not many people make yohji reps cuz it's still niche

>the typical Yohji loose style is what I meant
Well you see there really is no typical fit with him either, he does lot of different trousers, devil is in the details
And "grail" usually refers to something that is not available, be it rarity or price that is too high for someone, your 'grail' doesn't really fit either category

noone makes drain gang merch reps because it's even more niche than yohji
the point is you can't diminish my grail just because it's a tshirt
because it has meaning to me, rather than just a random non specific pair of yohji pants, if that makes sense

Fair enough. I didn't realise they were a group which definitely adds to the significance of the piece and I see why it would have meaning to you now, I just think that t shirts are a boring silhouette to have as a grail.

Wait I'm changing my mind



I want that shirt so bad
GTB till I R.I.P

>tfw own about 2 dozen pairs of your "grail"

good shirt, beware that it causes gay cowboys to hit on you

Someday I'll find a pair when I have the money piled for it

Torn between this one too

Just realised I don't really have a grail so here is the first thing to come to mind.
I don't think I could wear that.
8/10 I guess
I quite like cav empt. 8/10.
Funky. 8/10
6/10. Fairly boring grail imo.
Don't really dig cav empt tees. 6/10.
nice. 8/10
hard to say. 7/10.

Excuse me but I doubt you own 24 pairs of Yohji pants



how's this?

well he said yohji and comme

and yeah i own about 2 dozen pairs of comme and yohji pants

Fucking impossible I swear.

ill post few

this rating shit is pretty dumb tho





these I actually own

this too