Do you guys ever buy Chinese replica sneakers...

Do you guys ever buy Chinese replica sneakers? Just bought a pair of Adidas NMD memes from DHGate for $40 and I've been kind of browsing a lot of these different models wondering if they are all shit or actually hold up with wear and comfort

Read /r/fashionreps, they have reviews of the actually good sellers and fit. A pair of $40 shoes from DHGate will likely be complete trash. The near 1:1 stuff is only on TaoBao through resellers or even just WeChat.

>go on taobao
>its all in chinese

also i go off the reviews dhgate guys give with pictures

But you don't have enough knowledge on fake items to dissociate a good fake to a bad one

The nmd's you copped from dhgate should most likely have cobblestone boost, which isn't really comfortable

And taobao ain't that hard to use desu, all you need is an agent

As I said, just browse fashionreps. People there who know what to look for and will link them as they find them. Review pictures are fine but they won't have clue if its a good or bad fake. A bad fake is really easy to spot.

FashionReps also has guides on how to buy from TaoBao, you need a reshipping agent. It's not worth it for individual items though,get like $200 together.

literally just do this: "superbuy agent" (if its on chinese in the top left you cant switch betwen eng and chinese, dlls and yuans)
2-.create account
3-.go to /r/fashionreps and /r/sneakerreps and use the fucking search bar (please) for what you want and copy and paste the links from the taobao page to superbuy

Finding a good agent is a P.I.T.A
And like the other user said it's just easier to use DH Gate or Aliexpress and just go off of reviews and customer pics and a bit of a leap of faith.
The only thing I don't like is how ALOT of the "high fashion" shoes are pretty much gone or hard to find on places like aliexpress, before you could find a SHIT-TON of Rick Owens/raf/SLP/FOG/Y-3/MMM all over aliexpress and with enough searching you could find a cheap and decent quality rep of them, now you REALLY gotta dig and the ones you find are overpriced compared to what they were 3-5yrs ago
It's almost impossible to find a good Rickdidas rep now, at least on Ali, which is why I just started using DH Gate which is a bit better, would probably have better lick on Taobao but it's WAY too much of a pain in the ass to use and find an agent etc,
Idk why Taobao doesn't have an English version of the site or app, especially when LOTS of ppl request it

>Anyways I copped a pair of these and was surprised at how decent the quality is considering I paid $35 cad for it

Just use basetao, it's the easiest agent desu

You just have to copy the link of the item you want on taobao, paste it on basetao and add it to your cart. Their website is in english

It's easier than superbuy

>It's not worth it for individual items though,get like $200 together.

well see i dont have any interest in buying a shit ton of stuff like that. basically i just wanted to get a few pairs of shoes, like $30-40 here and there, just adidas or nike meme stuff

the pair i bought had a few reviews of guys who actually have the legit ones (i only look at reviews with pictures and deatiled reviews) and said they were really good

here is the low down on reps.

please please please don't buy shit that obviously fucking fake. gucci bag, belt, pants, glasses. wear it all at once. please don't do this.

some shit comes too small. or obviously something wrong. most times they look 'right' in their pictures.

dude im looking on these reps reddits and a few things

one they use a shit ton of slang and acronyms i dont understand atall

and two a number of these sites they are using the stuff is super expensive, like $100 for these replicas. the point of me getting replicas is to spend way less, not getting a $200 for $100, i would just buy the real ones

You're looking at the "higher quality" or overpriced reps, or "high fashion" reps

I found some all black EQT runners on Ali and DH for like $30 and desu I don't give a fuck about the quality, as long as it fits, looks half decent and lasts at least a yr that's good enough for me walking around a small city or gym, at least for "tech runners" anyway

Was also looking at some decent Chelsea boots, and looking for some decent all white sneakers, essentially just shoe essentials when you're broke as fuck, which you can usually find on places like Ali or DH for cheap and decent quality

As long as you take your time and look around and measure your feet you can't fuck up TOO bad

Jesus christ the amount of compliments I got from my old pair of fuschia/solar red air max 90s reps i got a while back that I'd wear around town was fucking insane!
Literally EVERY goddamn time I'd walk into a footlocker or mall or restaurant I'd have at least 1 person say something about then or ask me where I got them, and they costed like $30 cad, but I ended up throwing them out when I had a bed bug problem so now I'm having to go on places like Ali to find cheap basics right meow and so far so good

I have these boots in the black leather. kinda wish I didn't get the chain or I wish the chair was removable.

the quality is really good. I paid $90 came in a YSL box and has dust bags.

the quality again is great. obviously not $1500 great.

>I found some all black EQT runners on Ali and DH for like $30 and desu I don't give a fuck about the quality, as long as it fits, looks half decent and lasts at least a yr that's good enough for me walking around a small city or gym, at least for "tech runners" anyway

for me i feel like as long as the shoes are comfortable to get around in im happy with them. im not gonna get replica running shoes meant to run around in, but for normal casual wear i dont care either.

i started looking for these replicas because i saw some guy at work wearing NMDs and looked up the price, 180 fucking dollars, same with ultraboosts i saw another guy wearing ridiculously expensive and i just wanted to get a replica pair that could hold up

which listing did you get your EQT from and possibly air max?

I'm the user that first mentioned the subs and honestly I don't fuck with sneaker reps as I live in a country that any shoes from China get instantly destroyed by customs lol. I just get clothes from TaoBao.

here is my exp with shoes.

there is usually 'something' wrong with them. but if you also buy shoes in the store there can be something off about them. the only difference is you can return them.

>bought vans
>look amazing
>too small
>buy bigger size
>left side of shoe FEELS smaller

so good luck you get something thats AAA quality

And its just an all black sneaker so no one is gonna care or tell and for 35/45 it's not bad, probably gonna cop a pair after I get a decent all white beater shoe from there for cheap, and a decent pair of slp style Chelsea boots

>Fucking site thinks I'm posting spam goddmanit, and won't let me post link

Literally go on DH gate and type EQT and put sorting on lowest price and find a pair that looks decent and is the cheapest that a what I did

>slp style Chelsea boots

pro tip on these

look at this

the heel is high fyi. takes a bit of getting use to. trust senpai

I liked that the heel is high, looks cool to me and at 5'10 helps give me a bit more height without ppl being suspicious

And you can wear them with most kinds of jeans and shirts

Is anyone alive??

>Buying reps

I found fake yeezys that had soles made out of fucking foam while I was in shanghai

lol I saw your post in one of the threads and copped these too

Probably in lunarcore or boot gen most likely

Link or site you bought them from.

i dont really want to spend $150-180 on adidas casual shoes like NMD and ultraboost

For cheap but solid Nmd or UB the best choice is boostmaster Lin. He has multiple yupoos and a website too. Go on reddit and look up the Boostmaster guide, it'll have everything you need to know. I have a pair of his real boost triple white UB 3.0 and holy shit they really are comfortable. Last things about Lin though is he can be extremely slow sometimes and usually prioritizes buyers with an agent. He's also a dick and will make it really hard to return your shoes if there's something wrong but that's fixed if you use an agent.

just admit you're cheap

I can see if nmds were made for high quality materials and had some quality construction but come on man 150-180 retail to buy some shoes that cost 5 dollars to make is crazy.

yeah, you're absolutely right I'm cheap. I would never cheap out on shoes that need to be good quality, like running shoes or leather dress shoes or whatever

but for some meme adidas ultraboosts and NMDs that are meant to just be worn casually (even though ultraboost says it is a "running shoe"), yeah i like how they look but i'm not paying ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FUCKING DOLLARS for a casual sneaker made from $10 of materials in a sweatshop

It's usually a mixture of being cheap/poor,
And to me I'm always curious just how decent a pair of reps can be, so my genuine curiosity certainly plays a factor in picking up reps, and unless you live in a Cosmopolitan city no one is really gonna know anyways, unless it's blatantly obvious

But like I said it's kinda fun hopping on sites like aliexpress or Dh gate and just browsing through stuff until you find something cool and cheap, and for the price you figure "eh fuck it! Why not?"

And I gotta admit every time I've ordered something it's usually been pretty decent quality, and where else are you gonna get 3 pairs of shoes for less than a $100??

Go on Ali or DH gate or Taobao and look around a bit I'm sure most of you will find SOMETHING you'd like and for the price and free shipping why the fuck not?

what kinds of items did you find on DHgate that you liked? the adidas i look at range from usually 35-60 and i dont even bother with the more expensive ones because i figure most of these are made the same way and i just go off pics, if the $40 ones have good picture reviews and look fine then ill take the chance with them, but $40-45 on chinese fakes is my limit