Designer Belts

What is Veeky Forums's opinion on designer belts? I'm not talking about actually interesting ones but ones that are just the designer's logo as the buckle. IMO they just end up being overpriced hype pieces, nothing any effay person should buy.

good for irony

expensive irony tho

fuck irony

Obviously. I don't think anyone's gonna disagree with you there. What is the point of this thread?

I think a week ago I saw a few people here talking about belts in a good light and I was curious if that was just a misrepresented small portion?

well sure, hypebeasts gonna hypebeast
also you get some idiot who made the mistake of buying a gaudy belt as his first 'high fashion' purchase and he'll go to any length to justify his misspent money
for the most part I think people recognize that the belts are just trash pieces for people who want a status symbol

yeah but generally hypebeasts just stick to reddit or they are heavily shamed here it might've just been a fluke.

Most of the time I assume they are fakes. Specially the Hermes H buckle one.

Like in the airport you see everyone and its dog carrying a LV bag or wearing a Rolex sub/daytona on a 100 bucks from shirt-to-shoes outfit.

I don't understand why people do this. I understand that it's all for the facade but don't they realize that people are going to assume it's fake?

I just bought one of those Off-white strap belts in black.

Come at me

Logoed chap.


But that one is pretty cool with the right fit.
He's talking about the tacky ones that are also expensive as fuck.

People without taste buy them.
Without taste because they think expensive hyped things look good not because of how the look.

I wear fakes. I don't like buying shit just for the brand, so I get a kick out of fake shit like belts where the logo is the whole appeal anyway.

Sure, it is all about the logo and certainly not the quality and details of the leather / fabric, leather patina, or the buckle.

I'd agree with you on a jacket or pants or something, but who cares about the quality of a belt?

What du you guys think about these?
They are made of bike tires.

A genuine leather belt costs roughly as much as that, why buy a belt made from tire rubber?

>verpriced hype pieces, nothing any effay person should buy.
that's your answer op, i have a couple of designer belts i bought from grailed and ebay. At first was a solid idea to purchase them but with time i realize they were not worh it at all.

It's cool (yet a bit edgy) if you DIY one, but buying them is stupid

I agree with you about designer belts being overpriced hype pieces, but a nice buckle or a nice design can sometimes add a nice little detail to a fit.

However, monogram belts (such as LV, Gucci, MCM etc.) are the most hideous shit ever. If you even consider getting a monogram belt, you should kill yourself.

i hate to be the asshole that says it but SOMETIMES designer belts work. its like any other piece of clothing. some people look good rocking it, others dont. a gucci or hermes or versace belt might look good on a tall skinny italian wearing a linen suit and loafers but not on a hoodrat sagging some generic brand biker jeans and wearing jordan VIIs and a flat brim hat.

its not so much what you wear, its more how you wear it. lv and mcm belts are hideous especially when theres a matching article of clothing or accessory with the same monogram pattern, but if its just 1 piece and its used as a statement piece with an outfit with no other logos, it could possibly work

beauty is in the eye of the beholder i guess