Are male chokers effay yet...

are male chokers effay yet? i really wanna wear one in public but i'm not comfortable wearing one until i know for sure that they're effay.

a noose

a noose

really? people like xxxtentacion can pull it off and still look badass though

he's black, handsome and looks like a bad boy

you're pale, ugly and look like a beta provider

as long as its cohesive to the outfit

that picture in the first post isn't me, it's yugi moto from yugioh. i'm not that pale/short

No he looks gay. Stop admiring a 16 y/o fashion sense


Only with leather jackets, edgy wristbands and black nail polish

>come to Veeky Forums
>see this thread
>leave Veeky Forums

nah don't swear crappy skinny ones like that, wear thick velvet or multiple leather chokers. everybody will think you're a fag but at least you won't be a half-assed fag.

why did you post this

He looks like a little edgy bitch

Best post 2017

holy fuck

>"bad boy"
fucking kek

holy shit actual autism

>all jokes are autism

god, no.
they are homosexual-tier and are way too sexually expressive.

it only works for Yugi because he is an anime character.

>when the "literally me" and "me on the left/right" meme causes braindamage

>a necklace is sexually expressive
you guys really got to get over your memes

necklaces are fine. we talk about fucking CHOKERS here. you really can't make an argument if you generalize chokers and lump them in with most other necklaces. don't do that.

Chokers aren't inherently sexual (at least, they aren't anymore than nail polish), it's just a fashion accessory that women wear. The sexual connotation is a meme.

you're righ that it does kinda work for women but I feel like that they give off a really gay vibe on males. that is why I said it's sexually charged.

include me in the screencrap

wearing effeminate stuff does tend to make you look gay, yeah but "sexually charged" lol

for example BDSM leatherwear and gay club leather outfits and the whole stereotype about these things includes chokers, so yes, sexually charged, lots of sexual undertones.

this the best post ever
ther's no point in trying anymore

you cant make this shit up

>guys, gotta point out real quick that I'm not anime character

d-does that mean anime characters post here?!
oh boy, what if my waifu posts a fit here? how should I act then?

maybe I'm just a bit too pure of thought to associate it with that stuff immediately. I wouldn't associate somebody wearing leather with gay BDSM personally

posting in autism riddled thread

>When you are a basement anime addict lost connection with reality to the point you can't tell the difference between 2D and 3D.

>implying that pale skin looks ugly
nice try nigger

>i-i'm not autistic guys!

>Americans idolize gay ass ugly niggers

Kys sub human

99% of men get boners from chokers
you are a fag boi-0

>stutter posting

>chokerfags actually believe that anime characters actually exist in real life

>anime isn't real
did you just miss Trump's victory?

Then what do you associate leather outfits with? Post-apocalyptic biker barbarians?
Those who just HAPPEN to let twink boys ride behind them while they're wearing assless chaps?

I have never seen anybody wear assless chaps

But you've seen post-apocalyptic biker barbarians apparently.

Is this a normal occurrence for real-life anime characters like yourself?

is seeing people decked out in bdsm gear normal where you live?

Sub human

frequent enough to notice that they're all fags

I hanged out with a few rivetheads and goths back in the 2000s

they were fags

literal autism please refrain from posting

If you've got a long neck and you're not a fatass it would look really nice.

he just looks like a typical tacky nigger though

nice b8 m8

Yes, providing you only wear tight-skin leather clothes and happen to have an ancient Pharaoh inhabiting your soul.

The line separating 2D and 3D blurred that much further this day

holy kek

is Veeky Forums so separated from the rest of Veeky Forums that this joke seems novel?

I have an ancient pharaoh inhabiting my soul and I still wouldn't attempt a fucking choker

The joke Op made was funny but Veeky Forums people are like a different culture, they don't get it and think its autism.

wear chokers if you can pull it off, you need to be at least a little good looking though or people will think it's corny. can't be fat.

it's just a fucking necklace, but wearing w leather will look like you're into the gay leather fetish

i wish ppl would be nice to ppl and not have personality flawz

Well this is loosely related...could ancient Egyptian themes become prevalent in the fashion world?

yes they're effay, don't listen to Veeky Forums they're just insecure about their masculinity


Jesus Christ how autistic are you

You're fucked buddy


You'll be far too old by the time it's acceptable

Fashion is complicated, if it fits your style.

>t. late adopter

only if your black

i used to wear one like this with spikes but i am grill so... and i think my fiancee got sick of it

shitty screencap

thank you

yeah Veeky Forums is full of faggots desu

fine work.

in what world did you think we couldn't tell that wasn't an animation still? I hope this is bait

saved. also proud I made it into the screencap despite slight grammar error.

>adding reaction faces

makes the memes more spicy.

saved thanks


holy shit real or not i love you

i think men can pull them off if they're like punks or goths but i can see how theyd look gay

10,000 hours in MS paint

>First time browsing Veeky Forums
>See this

Not sure if I can ever leave now

Jesus Christ. I've never laughed this hard at a Veeky Forums post in my 7 years of browsing

What do u mean?

Please be real.
Your replies make it seem all the more legit

wew senpai

I mean why the fuck is everybody acting like that shitty mundane joke is hysterical?



for you

>implying black people are Egyptian

Jesus Christ user


astounding post

>this whole post




what kind of choker?