Who cuts your hair?

Old barbers vs. Young barbers?

Male vs Female?

old japanese man in a salon

Middle aged Hispanic man with incredible hair.

almost always women at sports clips. I have gone to expensive salons and barbershops before, I've had my hair cut at an aveda college, even at a $2/cut barbershop in Mexico (everybody gets the same cut, the barbers dont ask what you want). Sports clips is my go to cuz the girls do a good job and they're fucking everywhere

I cut my hair. It isn't difficult.

My roomie but I just need the tips off every other month.

Wish I had a barber salon filled with old wise men. Where you can get groomed and talk about life.

I only have two places to choose from, either it's a salon with young to middle aged women where the customers are mostly women and their 5 year old kids. Or it's an immigrant salon that seems to only to hy.

I go to the "women salon" and get cut by a yung qt in training because they actually do a good job and I enjoy the affection of having a qt care for me, even if it's just for a moment.


Always get your hair cut in a barrio the mexican niggas know how to cut hair

Old Mexican lady. I only ever go to barbers of my race because they seem to do the best job on my head. Asians are the worst, then white women, then black women, then white men, then black men and then Mexican ladies are the best.

I used to go to an old Cuban guy who cut my hair since I was seven. More out of loyalty than anything else. Now that he retired I go to a young Cuban guy who does a pretty good job.

I cut me own hair. Use the money to buy fags

Young African guy. Did a great job until he got locked up for drugs trafficking last month

Do you tip her by eating her ass?

>be a 10 years old with social anxiety
>Arab apprentice starts cutting here where mom makes me go every year to not look like a bum
>he does not talk my language and does not say shit while cutting
>start going to him every year
>after 7 while I start becoming normal and he has learned my language
>keeps cutting my hair where he works
>now I am 23 and still getting cuts at his OWN place
>can show him pictures of what I want without feeling like an idiot because we know each other so well
>be really critical to him and always explain to him long and hard how I want it
>he really takes his time and does his best

man I love that guy to be honest
but thinking about it he has made a lot of money off me

there was a while I used to get a hair cut every month

I cut my own hair.
saves money, time and you don't need to converse with retarded roasties.

and the best thing is that it looks almost as good as having somebody else do it. you just need to know what you do.

Do NOT let a woman cut ur hair if ur a man. She cut the hair around my ears way too short which I guess is how women with short hair get it done.

Gonna have to wear a hat for 2-3 weeks, fuckkk.

just moved to a new area, dont wanna drive back an hour to get it cut at my old place.

Some lady w tattoos cut it, she was nice but its kinda eh. Paid $25 w tip. Probably not gonna go back


Nice Story Ahmed

That's not the roomie. That's me.

Every barber i've had was a woman. Current is a woman. Been going since I was a kid. Hate talking so I don't know her name. She felt the autism and doesn't bother me. Seven quid. Pretty good.

i'd eat your ass

I just do a number 1 all around on my head,that's been my way for the past 3 years or so.
Considering growing my hair out as to get a fringe though recently.

Currently I go to this overpriced salon that mostly does womens hair

$50/cut + tip but she does a good job

Moving to NYC soon though so I need to find a new place. If only barbers knew more cuts besides buzz and hy

where in nyc? i had this problem last year and i've found an amazing place for medium/long hair. there's an scott j on 86th

I go to this middle aged gay dude for fades and stuff

When I just want a trim i go to this quiet Cuban old man who I'm to embarrassed to ask for anything non conservative


grow that shit out

jesus christ that's fucking expensive

i pay $5.7 here in argentina

8$ super cuts + 2$ tip. Random person each time. Hair cuts are literally not a big deal at all. You are stupid to pay up to 30 bucks for a haircut

I hate the smells at salons, so I learned to do a below the shoulder V or U cut myself. Also, for girls just a normal cut like that costs at least €40.-

Spics taking over Veeky Forums

this place is truly done

Myself. If you do not shavw your head you are a hairfag.

Young arabic guy. He's the only one at my salon that really knows how to cut Asian hair.

i cut my own hair. i have long hair though, so i only cut it like once a year.

If you want something actually decent, 30 bucks is a good price. 10 bucks is pleb shit, just buzz your own hair if you can't afford to even attempt to look decent.

Or just get 10 dollar cuts by failed stylist single moms and wear a hat.

My mom

I am white and Nordic, sorry.


similar story here. tho I have been getting my hair cut by him since my hair needed to be cut.

Thanks for the tip

I'm gonna be in morningside heights but I'll def try it out. Hopefully I can find something in the neighborhood though

old Greek man

I was friends with all the air head sluts I'm high school.
In turn that means that now I'm friends with a bunch of air head sluts that went to cosmetology school.

A brazillian dude with long curly hair.

>tfw the barber I went to for the past 10 years died of old age
what the hell do I do

Private barber comes to my house
middle aged women

And a young black man with incredible long and big dreadlocks

Middle aged gay dude

Myself when I had long hair.
Soccer mom that really knows her shit ever since I cut it.

Tried two of the "old school" barbers near me when I first moved here. Both were shit.

Then I tried some hipster place a little farther away, but got exactly what I asked for/wanted right off the bat, so I'll keep going there until they fuck it up. Out of the four barbers there, only one does a shitty job, so I just never book with him.

Dude as a barber I prefer it to be a barbershop and not a salon. Don't matter if it's a lady or not just as long as they can keep up with the banter and do a rad cut.

I find older craftsmen don't seem open up as much. And those that are in the salon setting are just squeezing you in between color sessions they have processing so it's just a rush job.

Are you Dave from Boyinaband ?

Young white dude from Flint, MI. He used to work at a super hood barber shop out there, now he's at a trendy shop where they offer you beer and shit while you wait.

My mother did for many years
[spoiler] she used to be a hairdresser professionally [/spoiler]


Middle aged (on the younger side) Turkish guy. Does an amazing job desu