I'm 18 yo, white/hispanic dude wirth a straight forehead, somewhat wide nose and eyebrows close to my eyes. I certainly don't want thick enormous model, I'm posting some examples.

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to get*

recommend* holy fuck i'm not into typing right properly today, sorry.

post face

Go to a store and try all of the frames.
Understand which suit you or not.

here you go

so uhh, i'm not sure exactly what would suit me, I've never used glasses before so i'm afraid that I might choose something that looks bad bc of my lack of knowledge

Try not being so angry all the time

Pwease no steppy on snek

You're pretty white looking I bet you'll go far if it doesn't get you in trouble

Been wearing glasses most my life at all times, except for bed obviously, and i just heard that that was a weird. Is it normal to just never try contacts?

sry, i dont have a pretty smile
hippity hoppitty get out my property
if what?

hello, i'm 183 cm tall, white and kinda thick eyebrows that look totally dope.

you look kinda cute but your snek t shirt is autismal

"white hispanic"

How should I call myself then if I'm mostly portuguese and italian blooded? sry for being against violence (?)

Is this seriously White in America?
I look "whiter" than you, my Hair is brown and my eyes are green
Seems like I would be White in America

wtf he never claimed to be pure white

he just said he's half "hispanic" (mestizo) and half white

so mostly moor and arab?

good for you, i guess(?)
wtf i'm trying to get nice suggestions on glasses, why does it have to do with my ethnicity? Seems like i posted this on /pol/

Holy Moly don't tread on my ass holly

I think something like this would fit you

probably something like that would be pretty good

please don't
that's rly nice, thanks


Maybe you can get something like pic related to match your loneliness.

lmao once again white trash being cucked


id on these?

id on grill?

Were you at some cringey political rally in the picture on the right?


I'll exchange it for glasses id

how do you judge if it was cringey or not?

Because it’s all cringy

I found her. I'm a little disappointed.

Just got these guys are my first real pair. Something about perfectly circular glasses gets me. I'm a guy with a diamond shaped face so circular glasses work for me luckily.
It's Titanium so its super light and should last me forever. 700$ though.

Best place to look for some frames?? I never cared about frames until i saw a dude wearing a fresh ass circular pair. I am currently still wearing some plastic turtle shell glasses that arent too bad. I had my eye on some lenses similar to Would it be better to drop 300 on one frame thats somewhat decent or should i buy multiple cheap frames so i can have a variety?

Current ones