Your preference got outdated.

lets be honest here have you ever fucked

Americans were always fags

I never saw anyone look like guys on right but okay


They started to imitate African Americans by swimming in their clothes and lookin gangsta n shit.

Estrogen in the water

television and black culture. Black culture is very appealing to youths because they're mentally on the same level.

neither are good

2017 ones look better

Same thing. Both are edgy and old people hated it

Conservatives are so stale

do you ever at what you're saying and think "man I'm a fucking borefest, I should get out of my own ass and be a little progressive in my thinking"

Don't put conservatives with "I was born in the wrong generation : (((" fgts

fair enough

what should you call them then

Reveal yourself coward. What socialist shithole are you from

I have no idea desu, hipsters I guess? I think it would suit the most

He's right though

Same shit different day. Stop being upset at which contemporary meme is worn and start being upset at the capitalists that exploit teenage insecurities to deprave kids of cultural heritage to sell them conformism.

Older generations would have been pissed at how kids back then were dressing as well.

hipster is a lame ass buzzword used by people who doesn't intend to understand whatever subculture they are trying to call out as stupid. also the hipster stereotype is clearly leftist, this is a right wing thing

born in the wrong generation is some /r9k/ type shit

I just call them generation hipsters when I refer to them. But they are in literally every group so it's hard to label it

Both left and right pics look fucking gay. Thoughts?

>what is rock n roll and blues
>what are biker gangs

both are faggots

>butthurt americanos



So tired of closet racists thinking they're a politician when really they've lived in a irrelevant town their whole life and never dealt with anything they deem bad. Grow up get an education talk to individuals morons.

group of specific kind of people vs another specific group of people. Gee, it's not like we don't have greasers today (who look ridiculously bad).

That's a pretty stupid "meme". The vast majority of kids don't dress like that...r-right?

Your mistake is thinking that anybody cares about your opinions


no theres also the alt-kids that also dress in one way with very minor differences between eachother

The idea of teenagers was invented to, among other reasons, destroy traditional culture.
Once you destroy that you can just market whatever you like to fill that vacuum in people's hearts.
In 1957 being a greaser was being a white nigger. In 2017 they are still selling you the idea that it's cool to be a white nigger.

cultural marxism

Greasers were fucking nasty anyways.

>hurr I can use these big words that my sociologist professor taught me

Left and right look equally cringe tbqh