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Summer outfit


>3 posts

why are you posting these images OP

Shitposting because all these threads are always shit


Sooo let me get this straight. These threads are shit so you proceed to make another thread (60+ posts early at that) to post images of people that arent you so you can complain about the threads being shit? Did I get that right? What does this accomplish?

And you keep going. You bored or something?

Not really complaining. Just shit posting

and yes, bored

more power to you lad

thx m8

wow you are pathetic


Don't bully pls
>inb4 swag boi



It's autumn now

Sit on my face
Next level
Very clean
What's the bag?
Bad pic, but this looks good.

Is my fit kino

the bag is an acronym 3a-3ts


Those shoes
Those jeans
That phone case
The Bernie sign on the left

3/10 don't tuck your shirt in if you are a manlet

Such a boring way to wear those shoes

>don't tuck your shirt in if you are a manlet

Draws attention to your legs, or lack there of


shitty pic but oh well

Shit photo but what shoes you guys reckon? Got old black doc derbies and thinking probably trousers or black jeans.

I fuck with it. You have the hair / brows for such a fit

this is cozy i like it

Cuckcore at its finest

You don't pass but you do have a really tiny dick.

the only reason his legs look stubby is because he's wearing ultra low rise girl jeans

really good. pants aren't to my taste but that's just me

basic but good. maybe a pewter belt instead of black? looks a bit harsh as is

love the colors on top, but the shoes clash with the shirt. I'd do black instead

Hi diddly ho neighborino

Honestly having a hard time telling if you're a girl dressed really butch or a guy with bitch tits.

>love the colors on top, but the shoes clash with the shirt. I'd do black instead

understandable. id on those shoes btw?

nike court royales

Buy more form-fitting jeans. Avoid black socks with darker toned colored pants, try a gray or other neutral color. Your belt is the center of focus in this fit, find a more neutral, less flashier one.


so far the best
not bad but not good
surprisingly i dig it

aaa this is so basic why even post it's just a normal fit there's nothing wrong but nothing right it's just grey middle of the fence dressing


today I was a homosexual maid

maybe but why would you single me out like have you looked at these other fits

a+ wouid hire

Get your puke bags ready

I really like the Purcells
It looks pretty good but the pants strangely in the knees
Ur a cute maid


very boring fit, but i like your pants and it doesn't look shit the way you combined it.
you are the top 1% of Veeky Forums

it good


I like this

Well done

First time posting a fit, constructive criticism please

your clothes are always way too form fitting and you basically only wear variants of the one same style, you can do better

You could have just posted Balenciagas user, why bother with the full body pic

pants aren't high enough to tuck with

I suck as fuck at taking pics. Can't be assed anymore. There's no bright light in my apartment and too lazy and anxious to bother taking a bunch of photo takes outside.

trust me, i look fucking good. even bald

sorta cringe. lose some weight. get lighter jeans if you are going for that look. change your belt. dont wear black socks with that color scheme.


w2c shirt and pants

shirt - uniqlo
jeans - og lang

i dont get why people like this bother posting.
You just look like everyone else whos aged 16-19 good job.

Looks like trash btw bet you skate too

Only good fits ITT

rest are trash

any idea what the sweater's called/link or is it thrifted? i really like it

fw with it
those pants gotta go
in the trash
No on the shoes
dig the material of your clothes, good fit overall

nice brand synergy

brand synergy is dumb

It's thrifted. Sorry

How do you recommend I wear them.

Shoutout to McDonald's ba the room

nothing fits and it's made worse by the meme hat

make the socks plain, fit is too busy.

Yeah I browse reddit too

God damn w2c that fit dude it's nice

W2c sweater?

the big three killed my baby

super simple n textured. get more rings ;)
simpl for summer nice drawings
cool shit
not sure about the tone of the pants n its a little hard to crit off this. seems chill. i like the shoes
mmm nice! esp shirt
i mean, yeah. sure. boring but nothing wrong. tuck your shirt in or /something/
ya could try baggier jeans but i love the pre-fuckboi cdgs
snackboy. shit pic, maybe too 2012 but it looks good
s'italian looking but very good
fuck with this v hard cool stripes
haider man you should post the full fit next time this looks promising w accessories
very leo. cool.
nice. girls in thrasher tees will for sure be dtf. like the pants, would be cool to see them full length
could be good. need to see the whole thing

watch me shit on these niggas

go and stay go

ur too cute to use this site

reddit written all over you

but not really

Thanks mate, donno if the pose makes your pants look off but the fit is dope

thanks yeah they're actually drop crotch so i'm a little iffy on em

cringe pt 2

incredibly unfortunate face

>camo pants
>vans old skools
>that shitty tattoo

so many memes in one picture lmao have you ever had a single original thought?

sup btch

best in thread. mind giving info on the pieces? great work friend

Living in the Southern US is awful for a lot of reasons, but the weather is the worst. 85+ the next two weeks so I'm jelly of all you fags able to wear sweaters and jeans already.


coat and shoes are the only things still available for purchase. jeans are paul smith. the top is cashmere from john lewis.

He's kinda a qt



Best fit for now

that's literally the tiniest cuff i've seen in these threads

really good for waywt

briddy gud. link insta pls


naisu buddi
cuffed too high but cool jacket
cuffed too high but cool

god wow thank you. kinda boring deets actually, COS (some typa silky cotton) shirt, COS grey twill drop crotch cropped (s'too many adjectives) pants, old belt, doc 1461 monos

idk about cuff height but DOPE
thanks. great colours. what shirt?

it's just thrifted. "craft & barrow"