Beard help/Rate

Hey everyone! First time beard grower here
Should I keep growing
My mom keeps telling me to shave but I think it looks awesome! Also will it continue to get thicker? I'm 21

Thanks senpai


babbys first troll, 1/10

Is that nose photoshopped? His nose is even worse than the one this potato nosed nigger has

People have made fun of my nose my hole life
I thought i could post here without being made fun of.

I guess not

>my hole life

thats not you faggot ive seen that picture being posted in Veeky Forums for ages

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you're the one who fell into it, ret

intensely shit maybe

>he took the bait


I think I went to college with this guy.

What made him memorable, did he get more pussy than you?

said person (since it's clearly not OP) could actually pull that look off if they had a shaved head and muscled out

looks like a human shark, which doesn't have to be bad


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This guy would look good if he fixed his nose


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Really puts your shit in perspective when you see people like this.

It's one thing to be ugly, but I bet life must suck growing up looking like this.