What are some Veeky Forums university degrees? what do you study?

what are some Veeky Forums university degrees? what do you study?

only STEM matters. Perhaps business too.

> OnLy StEm MaTtTeRs kYs
Business and Law, specifically entertainment law. And the arts.

>Business and Law
Suits galore, nothing effay about it.
Overall none of industries are effay beside fashion, entertainment and media. Oh and suprisingly IT.

i-is economics effay????

Veeky Forums degree: graphic design
I study: drama

Depends on which company/industry you will end. At least you will make money, afford effay high fashion and don't work at McDonald's unlike

Law has no jobs

i probably won't be able to afford high fashion because i live in a third world country and mid level jobs in a local company pay less than a job at a mcdonald's in the states


I feel you bro, that's why I try and follow my dreams instead of getting a degree in some soul sucking industry

It's just as this guy says, only STEM matters

I didn't graduate

i don't have any dreams. i just want respect and stability.

study any STEM then and be another empty shell of a person

degrees don't matter to me obviously

i hope you don't think you're better than me (cause i do)

some people actually like math and getting the soul sucked out of them.


I don't

now, do you think I'm better than you? if you do, that's your problem not mine

Good for them then, I'm talking about the people so lost that go the STEM route ONLY for the money

If you love math and CS or whatever my advice is the same, follow your fucking dreams. But lets say if you enjoy linguistics or some other bullshit and yet you do something your have no real interest in, then you're fucking stupid imo

Who /medschool/ here ?

Is Psych effay?

I studied business informatics because it has much more use than normal IT degree and programming is actually something I'm pretty good at and like. I'm not communicative, so many jobs fell off for me back then.

I did front end development for Yoox group for a long time. Basically I was respnosible for Marni and SLP online stores. Can't complain, I have to work in fashion industry and actually do something I can do best and enjoy. For 2800€/month, from which at least 10 days I just work at home listening to LPs/watching movies, I can't say it was bad descision.

i'm studying TV production

i study astrophysics -stars are effay, r-right?

>Giving literally all of your money to the already super rich.

topest of keks


it's effay pal

Stem isn't Veeky Forums it's Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums ppl dont go to school unless its for the arts/music/ or fashion

I'm training to be a traditional barber and tattooist

right here. all i've been wearing for the last 3 months has been scrubs

only the obnoxiousest of hipsters will visit your parlor
every normal person avoids these overpriced shits like the plague

maybe that's what he wants?

Pol degrees

My negro (MSc)

Working at starbucks isnt effay sorry

There isn't too many places like this in Canada so they usually do pretty well since there's only a few

can be if you eventually go to med school

Fashion Merchandising and Design
it's effay right?

what else would it be if not Veeky Forums lmao

Is That a burgerland thing ? In my country only nurses and surgeons wear scrubs. The vast majority of doctors go for labcoats.


I feel better than you though