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Has anyone here had any experience with using a retinoid for acne? Or even accutane? My skin is super oily on differin, not really sure what I should do.

Also general skin thread I guess

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My Acne was cured by simple Benzoylperoxid
Good luck

Any time I tried benzoyl peroxide, it irritated the fuck out of my face and made everything so much worse. God, acne is such a fucking pain in the ass

get accutane
the only side effect i had and what everyone has is that your skin becomes unbelievably dry so to combat this moisturize and drink a fuckton of water
theres also severe depression and suicidal thoughts but the majoirty of people dont get that
other than that it is extremely worth it i used to have really bad cystic acne now im completely immune to acne

You need Accutane.

I'm switching dermatologists, I'll see what the other guy thinks. Honestly if I'm not seeing significant improvements after 3 months of this retinoid, I'm gonna bring up accutane.

if i were you i wouldnt even waste those 3 months and get started right away
just ask your derm about it

I'm mostly just worried about hair loss with accutane. I'm not sure if the reason my skin is breaking out rn is because of purging.

I've been on and off accutane for the last 4 years or so. Before the first course, my skin was worse than yours. The first course was a high dosage one (60 mg/day) for 6 months, which cleared up my acne entirely, I mean 100% gone at the end of it.

Two months after I stopped taking it, it came back again. Not as bad as it was before, but still too much for me to try to deal with it using "normal" treatments. I took a second high dosage course which cleared it up once again, only to return about 2-3 months after the treatment was over.

This time it really wasn't that bad though, a few pimples here or there, which I could have just dealt with if you would've asked most people, but I was tired ot it. I wanted to be cured and for it to never return again. I contacted my dermatologist again and he suggested a long term low dosage treatment at 10 mg/day. I've been on that treatment since october 2015 and our plan is for me to stop once we reach october this year, making it a 2 year treatment. During these 2 years I've been acne free and I'm hoping that it won't return after I stop taking the medication.

I can't recommend accutane enough, even though it might not have cured me yet, because it's still the only thing that has given me the results I was after. Feel free to ask me anything!

Did you try taking any topical retinoids? How was your experience with that if you did? Also, what kind of side effects did you experience during that time?

my situation is very similar. i used differen for a bit and it did fuck all. Then switched to BP which was unbearable

a c c u t a n e

Yes, 3 of them I think. I can't remember the names of them except for one, Epiduo. They all gave OK results, but I wanted to be acne free, and those medications didn't provide that. Not a single medication has worked as well as accutane.

I had the usual common side effects during the first two high dosage courses. My face, lips and back of my hands were dry. My face started flaking unless I moisturized and my lips and hands started cracking up and bleeding if I was careless and went days without moisturizing. If I worked out too intensively my lower back would start aching, which didn't happen before. I had hard bowel movements and I didn't have as much energy as I usually did. All of this was manageable though and didn't effect my life too negatively. I would 100% do it all over again.

During this third treatment, the only side effects has been dry skin if I'm careless with moisturizing. I kind of see that as a semi-positive thing though. I've been moisturizing pretty much daily for the last 4 years and that is a great habit to have picked up, which I will keep doing for the rest of my life.

I've actually been wanting to start accutane for a while, but my parents are like "nah you don't need it, I've seen people with much worse skin." I'm going into my second year of college though, I feel like most people have already outgrown their acne from high school. I'm definitely going to bring it up with my dermatologist.

Thanks for the info man. Did you at any point experience hair loss? I keep seeing mixed things online about it. Some say it made their hair fall out, and others say it didn't. Balding isn't exactly in my family, so I'm not entirely sure how it's gonna turn out for me.

No, zero hair loss. My brother who is 2 years younger than me has a worse hairline than I do (mine really isn't bad at all), which definitely has been affected by hair loss that goes through the family genetics, and he hasn't taken a single pill of accutane.

To add to the information earlier, my first and second treatments were high dosage ones which obviously is worse than doing a low dosage one. The higher the dose, the higher the risk and the worse the side effects will be. According to my dermatologist low dosage treatments weren't really a thing that was being recommended during those earlier years, but after new research was made they started experimenting with it and saw good results. If your dermatologist doesn't bring it up, try asking about it and see what he or she has to say. If the low dosage doesn't provide the results you want, all you have to do is increase it, it's definitely worth a shot.

A few months back, I had a brief talk with my dermatologist about accutane and whether or not a low dosage would work for me. She said she didn't think it would, because in order for it to be effective, I'd need to take a dosage relative to my body weight (which would be 70mg). That really doesn't sound right to me, because I've been reading all this stuff online about how 20mg dosages across 8 months can be effective with minimal side effects. Tbh she's not a very good dermatologist, I'm about to make a switch soon anyway.

Fuck your parents. You need it if you think you need it. It's your skin.

Usually you start with a dosage of 0.5mg/kg for 6 months.

I had it really bad for a long time, and have some acne scars to show for it due to my dumbass picking at it lol.

Luckily, accutane really cured my acne, alongside a prescription cream I still use (forget the name atm) and benzoyl peroxide wash EVERY day. I still get a few zits here or there, but no heavy breakouts like I was used to.

My suggestion is to use accutane. Be warned though, that when you first use it you have to stop all other treatment AND it'll dry out your entire face while on it. Like, lotion and chapstick in your backpack and a humidifier in your room levels of dryness. So when you're first on it, things will get worse before they get better. However, accutane DOES make ot better. At least, for me it did. Talk to your dermatologist about it.

a c c u t a n e

thread over

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I put bio oil on my skin everday for beautifil skin

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