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post watches. fall edition.

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I want to get a gshock watch. Are they good watches or are they a total meme?

opinions please? copped for cheap

looks nice. Enjoy it.



Daily reminder that huge watches are ugly as sin

just bought a submariner
waiting for it to come in the mail
kinda regret not buying a royal oak but they're more expensive

which submariner?

fakes and replicas please go

114 300

Saving for this

What a nice watch. So fuckin versatile. You don't even need any other watches if you have that one

Define huge.

anything over 36mm


I have a vintage rolex datejust passed down from my grandfather, problem is I dont really like the design of the dial / hands
would it be a bad idea to swap them? Also i hear rolex service charges like over 1k to service it, which it kinda much

any advice would be appreciated

kinda looks like this

Does anyone know any brand that sells watches for people with tiny wrists?

casio, seiko, citizen. the skx013 fits my 6.5 wrist perfectly

vintage watches are also a good option, you can grab some top tier brands

I got one from fosil that worked pretty well

ask shorty

IWC, Zenith above Rolex. Lol fuck off.

(some gay shit about Zenith movements in earlier Daytonas weeeew fuck off)

Im looking for something similar, simple design. Could someone recommend something like this, or does someone have expirience with these?

Yeah but what's cheap?

Diesel, Invicta, Panerai, Hublot, Audemars piguet.

I have a tiny wrist and I can pull off a 40mm watch just fine and most watch brands do make 40mm watches.

It still sucks because even 42mms start to look bad, but what can you do.

are MVMT watches Veeky Forums?

I'm looking for another watch with hour numbers. Could someone recommend me a watch with a slim case and easy to read hour hands but must have hour numbers? Something that costs less than a Seiko SARB please.

They were in 2015, or they are if you ask mens fashion youtubers.

Citizen stiletto

can vouch for invicta, just be careful of the model
i myself have decently small wrists (so much so that I can rarely wear the rolexes I inherited from my late uncle) and you wouldn't want one where the lack of links makes the watch look "cartoony"
if it's so much of an issue, try and find a nice face and replace the band

Cheap overpriced crap. This bullshit is all made in China you can buy it directly from there for a pittance. Or better yet find a real watch with a minimalist design.

How about Mondaine? Real design pedigree, not expensive at all on the bottom end, includes both quartz, automatics and HAQ.

Nomos has minimalist Bauhaus aesthetic too, with in-house movements at reasonable prices.

rolex assumes that if you can afford a rolex, you can blow hundreds, if not thousands to service it and keep it up to snuff. however, depending on whether or not your grandfather kept all his paperwork and you have that in your possession may be helpful, he may have lifetime warranty for certain adjustments
that being said, replacing the dial and hands is a practical full makeover; i see nothing wrong with how it looks now but to each their own

Better to sell it and to use the money towards something you like. If the dial/hands are in good condition i wouldn't change them.

Thanks it looks nice


let that hulk go, it's out of place. But 10/10 collection.

>buy automatic watches
>buy cheaper ones and they eventually stop keeping time properly

>buy timex weekender 2 watch
>has an audible ticking noise

should I just get a Daniel Wellington watch? they look nice and are cheap

what is bulky to you? A 2824 movement is not bulky imo.

I'm holding on to it until it increases in price. Would probably switch to the black one.

just buy a nixon or something, at least they're waterproof

There's a billion cheap alternatives similar to that one on AliExpress, just look there. Whatever you do, don't pay more than $20 for a watch like that.

>the only quartz watches are dw and the weekender


Does Veeky Forums like my watch?

Does your grandma know you take pictures with her watch on while she's having her nap?

Okay, that's a divers watch, grandmas don't dive dummy.

>diving in a pool of dicksssssssssss

$40 new. the MSRP is $220

For me it looks good, that strap is shit though.

Numbers or... numbers?

Also opinions on Junghans Form A

that's what I thought too. any recommendations on a new strap?

nice you got him good


I need a AP like fuck

How you guys feel about pic related

No numbers.
Overall a nice, euphoric design.

hi im looking for some cheap ass field watching looking thing with lume that was posted here a bunch of times months if not years ago like

Timex weekender/explorer

whats the name of this one ?

no it was an uncommon brand

Any china fieldwatch shitter you can find in ebay then

i set out to buy a wristwatch and picked this up instead. i really love old mechanical shit, but this isn't the most Veeky Forums i guess. trying to find an old omega or something but just end up going through mountains of seikos


is aliexpress supposed to take 39 days for shipping

Bullet chrono

>reasonable price

Copped for super cheap, looks like the f91w meme but it's a w35

so what's like a good, super-budget brand for watches?

I'm looking for something minimalist as fuck preferably

gotcha. literally the closest thing you can get to a daniel wellington for $15

Make sure to keep your anime merch handy to display maximum autism

just goy. annex here reporting in. going to tilt in a few minutes.

ur speakin in tongues boy

hey fellow non-jew. I also live in Toronto. I live in the Annex aka bathurst and bloor area. I will be at the arcade bar "tilt" soon for their toonie tuesday.


oh ok

i used to live at bloor and christie, real nice area senpai

Are casios fa?

I have that casio, it's extremely light and looks cheap. I recommend getting one of the more expensive ones.

christie pitts dawg. my jam.

I wish it was fake user

Seiko wasn't It?


Learn to focus

Should I gget this?


Wristlets confirmed

If it's got all original parts you would ruin the value of the watch. Rolex makes their watches in a factory now so vintage models in their original condition have become all the more coveted.

Don't fuck up your grandad's watch.

Underage b&. What self respecting adult wears a Nixon watch, let alone a fake gold one?

>You are at the baselworld watch show and this guy slaps your gf's ass

What do Veeky Forums?




Does anyone have an skx007 or 009 and can comment on the finish of the metal? In some pictures it looks just fine but in others it has this dull almost plastic look to it, and I can't decide if I should get one or just save up for something nicer.

How much would you faggots pay to get your watched serviced? I sent my Candino Automatic into shop and they estimated it to be $500. Seems high.

They are trying to fuck you
What needs to be done to it?

It just needs to be cleaned and oiled. I know a jewler but not 100% sure if he does ETA movements.

Oh and have some gaskets changed


Brushed on top and polished on the sides, but it's a very shallow brushing which almost just looks like it's the same finish all around. All of the curves and knurling are really soft and not very defined. There's nothing really wrong with the finish but it's not great.

I'm wearing one now, tried to get as much lighting as I could on the finish. like the other guy said, shallow brushing, but it definitely does not look like plastic, just kind of dull.