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black african american negro melanin hair general

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how do I keep 4c hair moisturized for the LONGEST time

that dude's barely even brown lmao

its the lighting he is negro trust me

Why are mixed people considered black? Is it a burgerland thing?

Where to find natural hair gf?

A social relic from the slavery days/Jim Crow era. The prevailing belief was the "one drop" rule that meant if you were even as little as ~10% black then you were automatically designated as black no matter how pale or seemingly white you were. Naturally it just carried over and saves people time of just assuming what you are based purely on appearance rather than actually taking the time to understand.

t. Mixed race user

Is that natural hair?


Texturizer pls go

Maximum hydration method

Or condition and seal with hair grease, sleep on or with satin
All black people in America are mixed.

Don Cheadle is black as can be but is 20% European. Oprah is quite light but is 12% or so Native American and Asian.

Also there are pure igbo his color.

It's like that in Brazil too. If your skin is kinda dark you are black, if it's kinda white you are white, if it's kinda brown you are moreno (or whatever it is in a different city/region).


>This is white in Shartmerican


A single drop is all it takes to ruin a bloodline

Wouldn't oils be better to use than grease?

Tf was that bullshit

Health food stores desu.

A-are you Igbo?

can you niggas keep this shit to hair. the constant derailing with race bullshit is stupid and obvious.

Grease is the ultimate sealant and the biggest comeback trend on YouTube.
Nope. I just think some are really cute :)

Are you?

The point was when the chinegro girl said she was a blacktina because she looks too black.

>Are you?

what would you guys say is the black equilivant of a bowl cut? also posting some inspo to fill this thread








>that kid who loved cotton candy way too much



lol last photo, honestly might have to go pink after looking through my inspo



if you want to look like a gay SJW sure


That closeup is mesmerizing as shit


I suppose this is much better

I am growing my hair out for the first time since my hairline started receding. I am trying to not shave or trim hair for 3 months, just so I can have a "blank" canvas to work with. Anyone want to hit me up with some inspo? Thanks.

Oh wow your hairline has gone far back from when I first say you posting on /soc/

Well don't line up and don't manipulate in different styles often. Keep it simple, you'll do well with any style just get that beard together.

You have that Gambino hairline. Just do it like gambino.

Anyone else laughing at the idea of some buff black dude shitposting on an anime-focused website


still too masculine for Veeky Forums

you could tell me this is a closeup of a pink tennis ball and i wouldnt question it

love it tho

Nah let's be honest, a single drop of negro blood is enough to turn what would have been a great young man into chimpanzee

Not really.
Post face

How get this hair?

Give tips/rate my natural hair
grill btw

Don't have any tips, but it looks pretty good to me. Is there anything you do to get the defined curls?

thanks and yup
After cowashing i put a leave in and then eco styler gel and its works like charm
anything more than that i find excessive imo


Keep your hair short. You could grow your beard out but you need to trim it. Right now it's just going all over the place.

you kind of look like that weird boxer keith thurman


Recommend me a comb, something not plastic please.

>>Implying this is you

How i unjust my shit? I'm getting bald.

Sorry my shitty cam

>Not knowing the one drop rule
>Not knowing how much America enforced it
We have a retard over here.



you look like mc ride and donald glover's love child

How to obtain hair texture?

Be born with it

9/10 are you the ex lead singer to No Vacation?

I've completely given up on my hair. Tired of twisting cutting braiding texturing etc.

For the rest of my life I'm keeping a simple ass afro...it'll fit my dominantly 80s/90s wardrobe anyway

What the fuck do I do with this shit? I had planned to get the dreadfade meme, but I can't just have this amorphous afro in the mean time.

not much you can do until it grows out more

the awkward stage of growth with black ppl hair sucks because it last so long and you cant really escape it

Who is that?
Sponge coil and keep moisture in

just came in here to say niggers

this pic gave me a boner

This whole thread is racist!!
Why is there no Native American hair general?! Or East Indian hair general? Or white ppl hair general!?


why don't you make them

>nigger general






some days i hate my dumb ass for twisting my hair, which i got from my lightskin mom but other days i love it.

comb coils take a long time and i was dumb for the first 6 months of having them. it's now been... 9 months

this negro is cute af


It's him, we used to be the only black guys on /soc/ that didn't get dogged out. He's been here for years but back when he was skinny and got a line up all the time.

Still an attention hoe though.

what's this hair type?


pink hair on light skinned guys is the best

In case you guys haven't joined yet, we've got a pretty comfy Veeky Forums based black Veeky Forums discord server. Come for the advice, stay for the bantz


Tehehe, the link says "wank"

weak ass bait

well you replied so it's worth something
just ignore shit bait next time

Ah ha! You've been BAMBOOZLED dirty negroid!

is there any way to have colored dreadlocks without looking like a stupid soundcloud rapper?

If you really want dreads and you're that worried about looking like a soundcloud rapper, you might have to try a different approach. That style and length has been done to death and they've pretty much done every color of the rainbow at this point.

Who. Is. This. Man?

muh... muh bbc, cracka....

[spoiler]im actually very envious of black hair and wish i could style my gay stick straight hair like a lot of pictures itt[/spoiler]

Looks good and suits you well imo, I would keep them