Jacket thread?

what kind of jacket is this?where can i get one? where can i get a durable and affordable one? help!!

That's a vintage leather jacket

A heavily worn in perfecto most likely.

I've been to thrift shops in L.A. that have old leather jackets like that

i think it's a motorcycle jacket.

Anyone know where I can get this sweater or one similar? Also suggestions for places to buy leather jackets or bombers from?

Are bomber/ flyer jackets overplayed/ finished now?? Seen a vintage one I really like but not sure about it..

Not as played as riders

Where can I score a good parka for under $200?

Using it for fall. Pic related since I'm considering this

it's a leather moto jacket. the original would be a schott perfecto but many brands such as Guess, Uniqlo, Le31 etc sell either faux or genuine versions

the north face is aite

Varsity jacket recommendations/inspo?

Shoulda played sports in high school, bud

What are some relatively uncommon jackets (read: stuff not many people wear) that won't make me look like a huge autist?

>Veeky Forums doesn't know what a motorcycle jacket is now

jesus christ, I thought this place cannot get any worse

Take a real leather jacket
tie it by rope to the rear bumper of your car securely
go for a 2 hour drive on some dirt backroads
wash it

there u fuckin go

Varsitys look really well when they are oversized and worn out, other than that its a no no

any color combo can be worked with

I like the Weatherproof brand. I've had the winter parka for 15 years, and it's still in good shape. The light weight jackets are good too. Prices $50-200 usd. Google it.

This is the jacket, C/N???

I'd say cop it, I actually really like it. wtc?

Reminds me of this Reebok x Beams jacket. I really want one.

It was a vintage thing unfortunately user, only one was available.

However, it's from a company called Gibraltar Industries and they refer to it as a flyer jacket rather than bomber if that helps.

Don't get Superdry mate, look at TNF like user below said or Patagonia, Napapriji, Berghaus

ty user.

Would it be autistic for me to wear this to university?