What makeup would you recommend for me?

Please post the brand and product line for practicing and for proper makeup

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>asking Veeky Forums for makeup advice
>asking a board full of insecure teenagers obsessed with edgy clothes for makeup advice

don't wear makeup just be yourself and work on being more confident, it's not impossible just believe in yourself

beleev in yrself


Isn't this like the only board to discuss about makeup on Veeky Forums?

But if I don't, I don't look as presentable/attractive as girls who do

What's that?

Read the sticky

Pretty sure /cgl/ is a better place for makeup advice. If you want some advice, just start with basic BB cream, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss. Don't overdo it and make sure it enhances your natural features rather than change you. I'm an Asian girl as well and that's what I wear on a daily basis. And yes, what said, read the sticky. By the way no one really notices the lack of makeup. I didn't wear any throughout high school and it was fine.

You look like someone I know kek.



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>What makeup would you recommend for me?
anything highly flammable
jk, less is more, the blue looks good on you
also, consider bangs


First thing I would do is do something about the hair. It looks lifeless and flat. You have some broken ends. If you added body, it would make it seem healthier, round out the face a bit more. Maybe more of a wave.

Thanks, forgot about cgl, any brand for bb cream you recommend? What does your friend use for makeup?

Almost every girl does it though



Thanks for the tips

You don't need makeup. Makeup is like a magic circle - it increases people's expectations of what a woman should look like to an impossible standard which you can only achieve with makeup, so women start wearing even more makeup, it never stops. I think that's horrible.
But if you really want to try makeup, I think mascara is just enough for you. Also the brand of makeup is not so important, the style is more important, you can find many tutorials for all kinds of styles on youtube.
Sorry for long post

But if all women wear makeup those who don't get left behind

Anytime. I was in your position before. I changed some daily things, and its been positive. People notice, subtle changes. I think overall, its better if you can figure out a way to -enhance- your positive traits, and tone down your negatives. I will also say: you have good lips, if you have dry issues a good scrub can be done with baking soda, or you can buy something, a really good lip butter (an actual butter, no petrolatum) and a gentle jelly color enhancing gloss.

If you have the typical Singaporean accent, work on that too. It is definitely not effay.

If men have to act like dicks those who don't get left behind. We all have to do it.

the only thing I'd do if I were you is fill up your eyebrows a little. not too much and not too dark. if you know how to handle eyeshadow and liner, you could try pic related.

>implying there's anything wrong with beauty standards increasing

OP, go watch some makeup channels on YouTube, Veeky Forums is not a good place for makeup advice. Just make sure they match your ethnicity, Asian faces are not European faces and you'll never look your best trying to be somebody else.

>brand for bb cream you recommend
I use NYX bb cream in natural (cause Asian skin tone). My friend uses mascara, eyeliner, and concealer but I'm not sure of the brands. You really look like her hahaha. Like you'd pass as sisters but that may be cause you're Asian.

>Almost every girl does it though
Don't be too pressured into wearing makeup cause everyone else is, I didn't wear any until I was 18 (now) and it's fine.

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>Almost every girl does it though


Just be yourself

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Don't feel pressured to use eye makeup, it's incredibly overrated.

Find a foundation in your skintone. There are a multitude of ways to use it and layer it. Use a heavy duty liquid foundation if you don't want to bother with layering it (although going over the foundation with a powder of the same shade will improve how long it lasts) or concealer. Use a sponge to apply liquid. Do NOT waste money on the brand name beauty blenders - use sponges from real techniques. The diamond-shapes one is highly rated because the shapes and sizes of each size makes it very, very versatile. A light blush will also help, but the color is something you'll need to experiment with.

Experiment with liquid to matte nude lipsticks for a natural look. Kat Von D and Two Faced are the most popular go-to for nudes right now with a variety of colors, but NYX has their own line of liquid to matte nudes and are much cheaper without sacrificing quality.


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What's wrong with my jaw? Too long?

No, it looks small and makes your face a little unproportional. But there's nothing wrong with it.

Post a picture wearing makeup

we have different tastes and standards then. If you think she isn't very attractive you're probably more attractive than I am. At least, that's how that should work.


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Thanks, think I will try out the bb cream, I already have a loreal superliner gelmatic pencil eyeliner and loreal superliner ultra sharp liquid eyeliner. Just feel that the pencil eyeliner works best if I only do the top, if I do the bottom eyelid or use the liquid one which tend to result in quite a thick line, I tend look quite over the top and don't dare to leave the house in it lol. For mascara I have the loreal curl impact collagene that I am practicing on but my eyelash still looks kinda wierd in it probably need more practicing. :D

I don't know, all the youtubers I watch tend to recommend beauty blenders alot as well as sigma brushes Still not sure what brand of foundation is good; I don't mind layering it if it ends up nicer :). Lips wise I have victoria secret shiny kiss flavored gloss in candy baby color. I think I like the light pink color for lips. The photo in my OP post does not have any makeup on tho. Will look into the matt nude lipsticks.

:) but I'm in Singapore like the other poster said

:( That's why I'm trying to improve on that aspect

you're a dumbass and insecure
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Nah I'm still practicing and would look like a clown lol :D

Think you are confusing me with someone else :o Seems like I look like many people lol


OP this reeks of insecurity (sorry). You sound a lot like I did when I was getting into makeup, asking Veeky Forums for advice. Just go watch videos, experiment on your face.

You literally do not need makeup. You have pretty skin and there's no way you have trouble getting dates. I'd date you just the way you are *winks*


Yes and

This OP. No amount of makeup can cover up that insecurity. Be confident in yourself and enjoy life. It will make you more attractive in the long run.

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You have nice eyes and lips probably wear eye shit make those pop and darker lip don't accent your cheeks


I'm a mere lad but I'd say some nice lipstick and maybe eyebrow crayon shit is a good place to start. Your skin looks really healthy so you got that going for you for sure. You could probably pull a fair amount even with the slight butterface so I wouldn't sweat it. All about confidence. Best of luck.

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1. shiseido
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none just get some good sleep.
maybe some lotion or something for the bags under your eyes.
Submerge your face in ice cold water every day for as long as you can or for 15 minutes.

I mean unless you want to live on the runway or some shit.

You look nice

You're cute. Maybe do somethibg with your hair, I think you can play with it and see how it affects the way your head-shape looks and you could get something good.

OP you remind me a lot of me and I'm insecure as hell. Like I said, just watch videos and read tutorials, check out /r/makeupaddiction, search Tumblr for tutorials. You're not terrible looking and makeup can enhance your look.

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Alright, thanks for the tips and compliments

I'm in singapore

I'm a guy so you know but I'd say all youd really need is tinted lipgloss and mascara, maybe eyeliner but you've got pretty good eyes considering

seconded on eyebrow filling

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First off: There are no grills on 4chin. So most likely troll thread.

If not:
Don't use make-up!

I have a sister and quite a few female friends of all age ranges (17 to 42) and TRUST ME, make-up is NEVER a good option. It WILL fuck your skin up. It's like a drug. It will give you a temporary fix, but will ultimately destroy you underneath that layer of fake shit. If anything, accentuate your eye lashes slightly and that's it.

Instead: Invest in a good face wash that is non-comedogen (I recommend Shiseido pureness brand) and in a good set of face moisturizer, 1 for the day, 1 for the night. Don't cheap out on them. 1 pot will last you for about 6 months.

Other than that, work on your physique. You took this pic in an unflattering angle, because your jaw looks non-existent. Go running, exercise your shoulders and legs and get a load of unsaturated fats and proteins.

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A simple cat's eye and some light shadow or just a bold lip, keep it simple.

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First of all. dont be asian

>all these people saying don't wear make up
what a bunch of retards
obviously plastering your face is terrible for it, but small and strategic uses of makeup can make a world of difference

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you look like a budget sulli. just copy her makeup style