Playboi Carti's effortlessness

How do I achieve his "look"?

Please hear me out first, I'm just asking a question

Carti constantly pulls potentially garbage outfits with his "lazy confidence". Like even with the same proportions, your average 17 year old hypebeast would look like a joke when trying to dress the same way. He always looks effortlessly good when wearing outfits ranging from basic to hypebeast garbage to pajama-tier... Literally no other rapper (or person for that matter) would look "normal" wearing this shit. Dude can literally go on stage, wear loud obnoxious pieces from top to bottom, stutter some slurred gibberish while a backing track is playing in the background, and still be more effay than Kanye or Kendrick or whatever

How does he do it?

Followup question, w2c similar flannel-jacket? i know whatever the fuck he's wearing is super expensive

>be rapper with lean-laid-back persona
>have friends and stylists in fashion
>throw on whatever they recommend and what's popin

supreme x CDg fw15 work jacket i think was called, rare AF i want to DIY the black one with a dickies jacket

its called sprezzatura

also i doubt you can afford to dress like him nor do you look the part so why even bother
hypebeast style very rarely looks good, and even then only on blacks. since we're on Veeky Forums i'm just gonna assume you're a skinnyfat white broke teenager

doesn't look effortless to me. just a guy high on drugs wearing what his friends gave him.

i knew it'd be expensive af haha, was looking for something similar

Skinny fat white ~middle class but parents won't spend their hard earned cash on lil Jimmie's supreme~ teenager

Why are you looking up to niggers?

Some people are born to wear a certain style.
Some people are born to wear anything with style.

i'm a skinny white/asian/arab and only moderately broke so i thought i can pull off carticore with thrifted stuff

>How does he do it?
he doesnt do shit, youve just been indoctrinated your entire life by the liberal jew media to idolize noggers

i mean lawrence schlossman is his stylist last i heard

1. Be fit
2. Convey a laid back confidence, this does not mean dressing in expensive shit and sitting at the back of the class silent like ┬┤yeah I'm the king of this shit'
3. Have a stylist and a lot of money

Tbh it's a pretty niggas thing you wouldn't get it lmao you got not swag in your step or confidence in everything you say

1. be black
2. be tall
3. have dreads
4. look confident
5. don;'t give a fuck

w2c bullet belt tho

the real answer:

carti has perfect proportions, tall, skinny, small head, big shoulders, small waist, etc. he has the body of a model so anything would look good on him

Try VERY hard to look like you're not trying

He's the diiv of rappers

Every fit looks better in photos than it does in real life. If you saw literally 90% of the shit from WAYWT threads or cartis attire irl on some nobody, it would not stand out.

case in point

Because he's mad famous and popular so his lackadaisical decisions can influence trends.

He's backed by millions of views, listens, sales,
...sponsorships, deals, features

Niggers have an inherent +15 masculinity racial. This is why they can openly like anime and dress like effeminate clowns, but if a white did it you would call him a fag. The downside of course is blacks also have a -20 to intellect and a 52% increase toward criminal tendency, most people try not to roll them.

hopefully i get rolled as a famous rap star when i reincarnate next life

Bladee is same case

bladee is conventionally handsome tho, carty looks ugly as sin with that birthmark

bladee is handsome af /no homo/

His face is clearly edited in that photo. His eyes aren't that big. Sometimes bladee looks like a model and other times he looks like a 5/10 autist.

Spazzatura * dai compa

to normal people (i.e not beta male hipsters) he looks like a fag, and an untermensch.

I personally do not know who that supposed "rapper" is. He is ugly, dresses like a homosexual, and clearly of the slave phenotype.

Only pretentious hipsters would know about him.

this 2bh


Go watch some cuck porn faggot.

Wow you are SEVERELY out of touch. Every single high schooler knows carti.

Sprezzatura looks artificial tryhard garbage
Id on cancer boy shoes tho

Lol he stepped into some shit

i bet you listen to metal and tell people about it

because he is attractive, tall, and has clout. a prime example that looks>height>money>everything else

yes because someone who unironically says "untermensch" to describe someone who makes more money in a month than they will in an entire lifetime is "normal"

Fuck, that one cuts


I honestly think Playboi Carti will be in the history books as a representation of 2010s rap. Not in a revered way like David Bowie or The Beatles of course, but his impact will really be remembered in the days to come.

Can you guys imagine a rapper getting famous in the early 2000's with songs like "Magnolia" and "Yungxanhoe"? I thought not. Fucking plebs and peasants call his music and the music of his peers "garbage", but I will refer them to this question: Would you not accept fame, money, and women only for making random noises on a track?

His clothes that this thread is speaking is a byproduct of being in the spotlight and the forefront of fashion. He won't be remembered as a "great musician", but his groundbreaking effect on the world right now simply reflects the genius behind the persona.

It'd be such an honor for my girlfriend to go backstage with him.

>It'd be such an honor for my girlfriend to go backstage with him.

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